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Qi Refining for 3000 Years

2022 | Maturity Rating:TV-PG | 1 Season | Action

On a path to tát reach immortality, a talented Bai Qiuran is stuck at the entry level for three thousand years — until a chance of breakthrough finds him.

Starring:Xu Xiang, Yu Dong, Liu Fei

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Qi Refining for 3000 Years

Release year: 2022

On a path to tát reach immortality, a talented Bai Qiuran is stuck at the entry level for three thousand years — until a chance of breakthrough finds him.

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    16. Episode 16


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Action Anime, Anime Series, Fantasy Anime, Chinese TV Shows

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Xu XiangYu DongLiu FeiLiu Zhaokun

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