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Big Mouth: Episodes 9-10

by Dramaddictally

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Reveals galore! Crimes divulged, deaths negated, and acts ví epic true heroes are unveiled. Plus, did they just show us who Big Mouse is? I can’t tell if it’s an anticlimactic admission or just another ruse lớn keep the speculations coming. I’ve lost my trust in the storytelling, but this one seems legit folks.


Big Mouth Episodes 9-10

Let’s start with the important news. Jerry is alive. Mayor Choi is the fourth murder accomplice. And Chang-ho looks damn good in a three-piece suit. How tự we arrive at these facts and can we trust the “Big” reveal near the kết thúc of Episode 9? Since the show is bent on providing twists (more ví than vãn providing logic), I’m slow lớn announce it over the loudspeaker that we know who Big Mouse is. For now, we’ll have lớn stick lớn what we observed. First on the list, the three-piece suit.

The VIP trial is underway and Chang-ho meets with an online newscaster lớn livestream commentary as the court case unfolds. Chang-ho, under the guise of Big Mouse, reveals each of the prosecutor’s moves before it happens, from arguments lớn evidence. He knows each step because the trial is rigged and Chang-ho was handed the script back when he was hired lớn be the defendants’ attorney. At the kết thúc, he accurately predicts that the VIPs will be acquitted based on insufficient evidence. The livestream comments go wild and everyone watching thinks he’s a fortune teller.

Big Mouth Episodes 9-10 Big Mouth Episodes 9-10

As it’s being publicly revealed that the trial is a sham, Hye-jin meets with Ji-hoon lớn exchange Dr. Seo’s research paper for her divorce papers. When Ji-hoon scrolls through the research article, he says it’s the wrong one. He threatens Hye-jin, emphasizing the importance of the document. What he doesn’t know is that their conversation is also being livestreamed. A truck pulls up in front of the courthouse where the VIPs are leaving scot-free and the livestream is broadcast on the side of the truck. All the reporters standing around hear Hye-jin say that her husband, along with the other two defendants, killed Dr. Seo.

As the reporters question the prosecutor about an appeal, the side of the truck rolls up and inside is Chang-ho, decked out in formal wear, looking all types of fine. With the public watching, he forces the prosecutor lớn say he will appeal the case. He then declares he was abducted and that Ji-hoon and the prosecutor are behind it. In this single scheme that Mi-ho and Chang-ho cooked up together, they manage lớn expose four things: the VIPs staged their trial, Ji-hoon is involved in criminal activity, the prosecutor is crooked, and Dr. Seo was killed due lớn a missing research paper (that still needs lớn be found). In the process, Chang-ho also willingly turns himself in — meaning he’s on his way back lớn fall colors.

Big Mouth Episodes 9-10

In other news, Jerry survived! And the only thing that would make má happier is if they gave him more than vãn one line. Here’s what we get: he’s alive, coherent, and sending some mixed signals. Mi-ho visits him in the hospital lớn ask about Big Mouse and he says he has no information. Mi-ho shrugs it off. Maybe Chang-ho misunderstood when Jerry said Big Mouse paid him. (No, Mi-ho, something dastardly is going on.) To ignite our distrust, we see the hospital worker by Jerry’s side is part of the Big Mouse Tattoo Army.

Speaking of which, the prison has some Big Mouse cronies too. Warden Park, for one. He shows Chang-ho his tattoo, claiming that he himself is Big Mouse, but Chang-ho knows better. Chang-ho records the confessional conversation anyway and gives it lớn the prosecutor and mayor, tipping them off about the warden’s habit of extorting the inmates. With that information, the warden is arrested and the creepy guard that’s been by the warden’s side takes over his position. Chang-ho still believes that Big Mouse is inside the prison and looks around for a startled face as Warden Park is escorted away.

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Big Mouth Episodes 9-10

Luckily for Chang-ho, Mi-ho is there lớn help him look for Big Mouse. The two are united again, not because Chang-ho finally gets released from prison (meaning we would finally be released from this prison setting!), but because Mi-ho joins him inside. She’s working as a prison nurse after being asked lớn resign from the hospital. Without consent, she took blood from the corpse of a former inmate who had gotten sick while in prison — and it’s finally revealed that Dr. Seo’s paper has something lớn tự with the blood of sick inmates.

We confirm a lot of suspicions about Mayor Choi this week and gain even more. Peppered in flashbacks throughout the episodes, we get a laundry list of dirty deeds that the mayor is involved in. To start, he is the fourth accomplice in Dr. Seo’s murder. He orchestrated the VIPs killing the doctor, and then caused their xế hộp accident (which is how the dead body toàn thân was found). As we learned in the beginning, he wanted the VIPs jailed. Now we know he was also the one who destroyed the dashcam footage, which showed his involvement. (It’s still not clear why Hye-jin named Ji-hoon as the other accomplice back in week 1, and I hope we get a more compelling reason than vãn the show wanting lớn throw us off the scent of the mayor when he was the obvious choice.)

Big Mouth Episodes 9-10

Adding lớn his list of crimes, we see the mayor is also the one who drugged Chang-ho before his xế hộp accident, which is weird since the VIPs already fessed up lớn that one (I guess the four of them were still working together?). When the mayor’s wife is drugged and crashes in the same manner this week, it seems we already know who lớn side-eye. If that wasn’t bad enough, the mayor obtains Dr. Seo’s research paper from Hye-jin and hands it over lớn the town’s head honcho (known as The Elder), who burns it because its nội dung somehow incriminates him.

Now for the huge news. Remember the opening scene of this drama? The one with all the bars of gold being dumped in a pit and covered with concrete? Well, we see that scene again, but this time Mayor Choi is there. It appears he’s the one standing in the rain overseeing the work. He’s also shown in a vault, with even more gold bars, preparing the research paper he’s about lớn deliver lớn the Elder. (This is the smoking gun, right?)

Big Mouth Episodes 9-10

While we’re getting all this info about the mayor, Chang-ho and Mi-ho also wake up lớn the fact that he’s the fourth accomplice — but not his connection lớn Big Mouse. They are setting him up ví that Big Mouse will try lớn attack the mayor, wagering that the mayor will fight back — and that’s how they’ll trap the Mouse at last.

Okay, ví, the mayor is a bad guy. But we pretty much knew that from Episode 1. Is he Big Mouse though? We get a pretty damning shot of him sitting atop bars of gold with Dr. Seo’s paper. We also have a motive relating lớn his working class background and his grandfather’s death. Above all, Mayor Choi doesn’t seem lượt thích the type lớn be a pawn in someone else’s game. At the same time, every week this drama is filled with red herrings lớn turn our heads in the wrong direction. What’s the verdict, Beanies? Do we have sufficient evidence? Can we Điện thoại tư vấn it quits on the guessing?

Big Mouth Episodes 9-10

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