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'The Glory' has garnered much attention and popularity as soon as part 2 premiered on March 10. Many viewers and fans have been long anticipating and looking forward to tát seeing how the drama will conclude.

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Part 2 of the hit drama did not fail to tát impress as it was filled with plot twists and the exceptional acting skills of the cast members that brought about shock. In particular, Choi Hye Jung's (played by Cha Joo Young) nude scene became among the biggest buzzes.

When viewers saw the nude scenes, many turned to tát online communities to tát discuss whether the naked body toàn thân was computer graphically replaced or a deep fake technology was used to tát replace the body toàn thân with a body toàn thân double.

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho even spoke to tát a professional đoạn phim forensics expert and claimed that it is highly likely that Cha Joo Young used a body toàn thân double and replaced her face on the model's body toàn thân using deep fake technology.

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Additionally, he found that a body toàn thân double was listed on the credits at the kết thúc of the drama. He explained, "The name Lee Do Yeon is clearly listed as Choi Hye Jung's body toàn thân double during the credits at the kết thúc of 'The Glory'." After the YouTuber uploaded his đoạn phim, many believed that the nude body toàn thân belonged to tát model Lee Do Yeon.

On March 16, model Lee Do Yeon explained that the nude body toàn thân was not hers, but it was complete CG. She then shared that she will be taking legal action against all those who continue to tát spread false information despite the released clarification.

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Lee Do Yeon shared, "This is Lee Do Yeon. Yesterday, articles stated that the nude body toàn thân is not bu but my photos are continued to tát be used. Please take down the photos. Spreading false information constitutes cyber defamation and is subject to tát criminal punishment."

Meanwhile, actress Cha Joo Young even stated in an interview on March 15 that the nude scene was complete CG. She explained, "The body toàn thân part that many people are curious about is CG. There was a CG team prepared for bu and also for my body toàn thân double. The character of Choi Hye Jung had a breast augmentation procedure, so sánh we needed that part. There are people who might be disappointed or might have a misunderstanding. Some people said to tát bu 'if you're going to tát go nude, why didn't you go fully nude' but they couldn't use mine (my breasts). We need to tát tự other work."

The actress also explained the reason that the nude scene was included in the drama. She shared, "In the script, it was already written that Choi Hye Jung would take off her shirt and throw it. It was a scene to tát show that all Hye Jung has is just her body toàn thân. It was what she achieved on her own and was an element to tát fill Hye Jung's self-esteem."