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Gunfire ( (じゅう) (せい) Jūsei?) is the eighth episode of the Chainsaw Man anime series.


Denji experiences his first, yet devastating, kiss. An intoxicated Denji is taken to tát Himeno's house, where she starts seducing him. Feeling torn between Makima, whom he admires, and Himeno, who is standing in front of him, he decides to tát fall into temptation. However, Denji then finds something in his pocket: The Chupa Chups lollipop that Makima gave him...

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An inebriated Himeno takes Denji to tát her place and lays him on her bed. She then goes to tát take a shower and later opens a beer. She hears Denji waking up and asking for water and goes and gives him some beer with her mouth. Himeno then wonders why Denji is here and if she brought him trang chính. She guesses that Denji loves Makima and is annoyed a bit as Aki also loves her. She lies next to tát Denji and tells him they should bởi it. Denji wonders what she means by 'it', and Himeno clarifies it as sex. She tells him to tát raise his hands and starts taking off his shirt. Denji wonders if that is really okay as his first kiss was supposed to tát be with Makima, but gave it to tát Himeno, who vomited in his mouth, and if he wants his first time to tát be taken by Himeno too, but quickly confirms it for himself. Himeno proceeds to tát take off his pants but finds a Chupa Chups in his pocket.

Makima giving her lollipop to tát Denji

Makima giving her lollipop to tát Denji

Seeing the Chupa Chups, Denji recalls a bit earlier when he wasn't feeling good due to tát the vomit, and Makima told him to tát go outside for some fresh air. Makima then brought him some nausea medicine. Denji shares that he had a bad first kiss, and even if he kisses a different woman now, he will be thinking of the taste of vomit. Makima pulls out the Chupa Chups she was licking and puts it into Denji's mouth. She tells him that he probably won't forget the taste of vomit, but he will experience all kinds of first tastes, and for example, his first indirect kiss tastes lượt thích a cola-flavored Chupa Chups. In the present, Himeno falls asleep while Denji lies on the floor next to tát the bed. He looks at the Chupa Chups and apologizes to tát Pochita but states he wants to tát save his first time for Makima.

Denji and Himeno sườn an alliance

Denji and Himeno sườn an alliance

In the morning, Himeno wakes Denji up for breakfast. While they eat, she explains she doesn't remember anything from last night and wonders if she did anything to tát Denji. He tells her he won't bởi it with a vomit lady and is saving his first time for Makima. Himeno is glad, as she could have gotten arrested for doing it with a minor. After a moment, she adds that Denji is strange and most people would have felt uncomfortable and left by now. But Denji doesn't understand why he would when there is miễn phí food. Himeno guesses that he loves Makima and wonders if he will still love her even if she had a bad personality. As Denji confirms that he would, Himeno decides to tát help mix him up with her. Himeno offers a secret alliance: she will help him with Makima, while Denji helps her with Aki. Denji agrees, and Himeno states that from now on, they are not just senior and junior but friends. She tells him he can come sometimes for breakfast with Aki and Power, but Denji wonders if Makima would come too.

Makima shot dead in the train

Makima shot dead in the train

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Elsewhere, Makima is on the train heading to tát Kyoto to tát meet with her bosses. She doesn't really want to tát meet them as she finds them scary and wants to tát buy a lunchbox. A bit before Kyoto, the train enters a tunnel, and the men sitting in the front and behind Makima pull out guns and shoot her along with her assistant. The men then make a điện thoại tư vấn and state they can start the operation.

Across Tokyo, all Division 4 members are out on different missions and suddenly are ambushed. Denji, Himeno, Aki and Power are eating at a ramen cửa hàng. Denji hears some gunshots, but Power states it was drums. A man speaks to tát Denji in disbelief that he can eat ramen that tastes terrible. Denji states it tastes fine to tát him, but the man adds that Denji can't judge the taste of food. He supposes it is understandable as Denji only ate the same thing as a child. The man adds that his grandpa was the nicest person and brought him to tát fancy restaurants all the time. While a yakuza, he was a necessary evil and only killed a few women and children. The man then pulls out a picture of him and his grandpa, the yakuza that hired Denji as devil hunter. He explains that the Gun Devil wants Denji's heart and then pulls out a gun and shoots Denji in the head. He proceeds to tát shoot at the others, but Power punches him, and Aki summons the Fox Devil, eating the man. Aki then looks around and sees that Denji and Himeno are injured, with Himeno shot in the chest. The Fox Devil tells Aki that he put something monstrous in her mouth, something neither human nor devil. The man cuts open the Fox Devil's head and emerges, revealing a transformation similar to tát Denji, but with swords instead of chainsaws.

Aki pulls out his sword and tells Power to tát stop Himeno's bleeding. Power is surprised to tát see that Aki's sword is actually a large nail. As the Katana Man stands, Aki pierces him with his sword, and a devil states "Three." They start fighting, and Aki pierces him a second time, with the devil stating "Two." He immediately pierces him one more time with the devil stating "One." Having had enough, the man kicks Aki away, but Aki then asks the Curse Devil to tát kill him. The Curse Devil then states "zero" and appears, grabbing the man and killing him.

Katana Man defeating Aki

Katana Man defeating Aki

Aki asks how Himeno is, and Power states she needs to tát be taken to tát the hospital. Aki wonders how he had a gun, as only police officers and Devil Hunters can have guns in nhật bản. Before Aki can focus back on Himeno, a woman suddenly shows up and deduces Aki's ability with the Curse Devil. Aki wonders where she came from and if she is an ally to tát that man. The woman places her hand on Katana Man and makes him stand up. The woman questions why he lost, and Katana Man states he let his guard down. She then tells him to tát go and kill Aki. Katana Man then takes a stance and, in an instant, moves past Aki, slashing him. Aki falls to tát his knees but is still alive, ví the woman tells Katana Man to tát finish him off.

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Himeno tells Power to tát help Aki, but Power refuses as she couldn't even see Katana Man's attack. Himeno calls the Ghost Devil, but the devil tells her that the woman is scary. Himeno spits some blood, guessing that this is her kết thúc, and offers to tát give all of herself to tát the Ghost Devil if she can use all of it. The Ghost Devil accepts and fully appears, then engages Katana Man in a fight. Himeno states that the devil hunters get used to tát death and stop crying, but Aki always cries when his newbies die, and it must be a good feeling to tát have someone care and cry for you. As the fight continues, Himeno loses her arms, but the Ghost Devil overpowers Katana Man. Himeno tells Aki not to tát die and hopes he can cry for her when she dies. Katana Man asks for help, and the woman summons the Snake Devil, which bites off the Ghost Devil's head. The Ghost Devil is defeated, and Aki turns towards Himeno but sees that only her clothes remain.


  • Himeno (Death)
  • Denji
  • Makima
  • Power
  • Aki Hayakawa
  • Fushi (Death)
  • Madoka
  • Division 4 Female Member (Death)
  • Kobeni Higashiyama
  • Hirokazu Arai (Death)
  • Katana Man (Debut)
  • Debt Collector (Photo)
  • Fox Devil
  • Curse Devil (Debut)
  • Akane Sawatari (Debut)
  • Ghost Devil (Debut)
  • Snake Devil (Debut)


  • An anime-original scene is added at the beginning showing Himeno's routine when she got to tát her apartment before going to tát bed.


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