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"Monster Princess" Do-S (怪人姫弩S, Kaijin Hime Do S; Viz: Monster Princess Super S), often simply referred to tướng as Do-S (弩S, Do S; Viz: Super S), is a Demon-level Mysterious Being and a thành viên of the Monster Association.


Do-S resembles a human female with long, blonde hair with a Black flower on the left side of her head. She has a curvy body toàn thân type, pink eyes with Black sclera and a pink, heart-shaped symbol on her forehead, as well as many piercings on both ears. She dresses in a very revealing BDSM outfit which is made of tight straps and held by metal rings that show off her curves. The straps connect at two points on her torso, both with rings at their centers, the first above her chest and the second on her belly, with the ring encircling her navel. Her right hand has two spiked leather rings and a leather vambrace, while her left hand has a very long leather glove with holes in it. Her attire is adorned with high-heeled boots and rips armed warmers. In addition, she also dons a mask with an "S" symbol over the filters as well as a spiked choker. Her unmasked face has a wide, cracky mouth, sharp shark-like teeth, and a long, flexible, slimy tongue.


Like her attire suggests, Do-S acted in a similar manner to tướng that of a sadistic dominatrix and princess, such as whipping her opponents and expecting them to tướng follow her orders to tướng the letter. She was also a sadistic being who liked to tướng toy with opponents she found amusing; playing with Fubuki and suggesting on using her to tướng lure out Tatsumaki. When injured enough in a fight, she abandoned her dominatrix persona and became a ruthless fighter intent on destroying her opponent. When a fight fell out of her favor, she was willing to tướng resort to tướng desperate measures or cowardice, lashing out in desperation, then groveling to tướng Sweet Mask, or sacrificing her slaves to tướng flee from Tatsumaki.

While normally acting dominant, Do-S was proven to tướng be submissive and shrewd when faced with individuals more powerful kêu ca her lượt thích Orochi, quickly making excuses to tướng avoid punishment from the Monster King after failing to tướng kill Tatsumaki and Fubuki. She was always eager to tướng add more slaves to tướng her army, jumping at the opportunity to tướng subjugate Narinki's Private Squad and Atomic Samurai's Disciples.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Raid Arc[]

Fubuki and DoS

Do-S facing Fubuki

Do-S appears along with the other monsters of the Monster Association simultaneously attacking a random đô thị.[1] She easily defeats Darkness Blade, Saturn Man and Pandaman and explains her abilities to tướng Dynamite Man. She then orders the now hypnotized heroes to tướng attack Dynamite Man, but they are immobilized by the Blizzard Group. Before she is able to tướng retaliate against them, Fubuki stops her whip in midair.[2]

Fubuki sends Do-S flying

Do-S is pushed back by Fubuki

Do-S was overpowering Fubuki and managed to tướng turn all of Fubuki's subordinates into love slaves. While Fubuki tries to tướng hold off Do-S's love slaves, Do-S's whip eventually manages to tướng pierce through Fubuki's telekinesis and hit Fubuki.[3] Do-S manages to tướng hit Fubuki multiple times. Believing that she has Fubuki's mind under her control, Do-S approaches Fubuki and tells the hero about her plans to tướng lure Tatsumaki out. Enraged, Fubuki sends Do-S flying back. Before Do-S could get a hold of the situation, Fubuki uses Hell Storm, which slightly injures Do-S. As it turns out Fubuki did not succumb to tướng the monster's mind control, Do-S changes her plans and decides to tướng kill Fubuki instead of using the hero to tướng lure Tatsumaki out. Fubuki tells Do-S that her sister would come anyway.[4]

Do-S Scared

The hero that instills fear into monsters

Tatsumaki causes an explosion in the đô thị where Do-S and Fubuki are fighting. Do-S realizes the mistake she has made and immediately tries to tướng make an escape plan. A monster falls in front of Do-S asking for help and warns her of Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki finally arrives and immediately tells Fubuki to tướng go trang chính and that she will handle the rest. Do-S orders her love slaves to tướng attack Tatsumaki as a distraction as she escapes. Tatsumaki immobilizes all of the love slaves, but Do-S manages to tướng escape.[5]

Monster Association Arc[]

Orochi intending to tướng eat Do-S - S2E22

Orochi intending to tướng eat Do-S

Back in Monster Association Headquarter where Orochi executes Awakened Cockroach by devouring him mercilessly due to tướng the latter's failure on defeating Genos, Do-S was about to tướng be executed. Thankfully, she is spared on behalf of Gyoro Gyoro's request to tướng Orochi.[6]

After the Monster Association managed to tướng recruit the Hero Hunter, Garou, G5 joined into the organization’s ranks after capturing Narinki's Private Squad. Do-S prevents Royal Ripper from murdering the squad and proceeds to tướng brainwash the squad members under Gyoro Gyoro's orders.

Sweet Mask crushes Do-S

Sweet Mask mercilessly crushes Do-S

She later encounters Atomic Samurai's disciples and commands Narinki's Squad to tướng fight them off until Sweet Mask intervenes and asks the disciples to tướng leave so sánh he can finish her off himself. Do-S is excited to tướng meet Sweet Mask in person, remarking that he truly is handsome and offering to tướng spend some alone time with him in exchange for freeing the Narinki Squad from her control. Sweet Mask quickly refuses, and moves to tướng attack the Narinki Squad but is interrupted by the sudden return of Atomic Samurai's disciples. They defeat the mercenaries while Sweet Mask attacks Do-S, slamming her head into the wall. Sweet Mask leaves his guard down to tướng speak to tướng the swordsmen, so sánh Do-S retaliates and lands a clean hit on his eye. However, it only seems to tướng crack lượt thích a hard material, and Sweet Mask quickly crushes Do-S' head in a rage, her last thoughts being the realization that Sweet Mask is not human.[7]

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Do-s meeting Fubuki group

Do-S encountering Fubuki again

Miraculously, Do-S is able to tướng survive and regenerate using her tongue to tướng absorb monster blood. Wishing for revenge, she sets off to tướng recover the last of her "love slaves." However, she is disappointed when she finds that her only remaining love slaves are a group of weak, starved people showing minor monster transformations. Nevertheless, she brings the group as she goes to tướng find Sweet Mask, hoping to tướng make him her 1000th love slave. On the way, she runs into Fubuki (and Bang and Bomb) - and the two women are equally shocked to tướng see each other once more.[8]

Fubuki claims her revenge on Do-S and prepares her attack. Do-S, however, takes her own love slaves as hostages, demanding Fubuki and the two brothers not to tướng resist or the hostages will die. Do-S begins to tướng imagine how her plan to tướng make Sweet Mask her slave plays out, and attacks the three. As she launches her whip, she realizes that one of them is the S-Class hero Silver Fang. She and her entire love slaves are quickly incapacitated by Bang, with Do-S herself being tied up. She begins begging for mercy as Fubuki seizes the opportunity to tướng take her revenge by hitting Do-S using her own whip. Upon awakening, all of Do-S' love slaves are freed from the brainwashing effects, even returning from their half-monster state to tướng humans. Do-S is forcibly taken by Fubuki, Bang and Bomb, and is asked about Garou's location. She pretends to tướng be under their control and answers the question by pointing at a nearby door, stating that Garou is behind the door. Fubuki suspects her, asking her if she is lying, which Do-S explains she is telling the truth and even has tried to tướng make the Hero Hunter her love slave after his defeat against Orochi. She is angrily grabbed by Bang, who tells her to tướng lead the way.

Fubuki attacks Do-S with Hell Storm a second time

Do-S is attacked by Fubuki's Hell Storm

They enter a room with many torture devices, which Do-S claims the room to tướng be hers. While the other three still observe the room, she takes a whistle on a nearby table, saying that it is used to tướng summon the door which Garou is in before blowing it. Bang realizes something is wrong as the whistle makes no sound and he seizes it away from her, which Do-S then reveals that it is, in fact, a dog whistle and they were tricked, affirming that Garou is actually in a deeper room below. Overgrown Rover, somehow hearing the whistle, arrives and rampages, which Do-S takes the opportunity to tướng flee. However, before she could escape, Fubuki attacks her with Hell Storm, causing Do-S to tướng fall to tướng an abyss.[9]

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Demon-level Mysterious Being of the Monster Association, Do-S is a powerful being. She was able to tướng give Fubuki a tough fight, albeit by splitting her focus. Gyoro Gyoro mentioned that her unique abilities might give more advantages to tướng the Monster Association, unlike fellow Demon-level Awakened Cockroach.

Supernatural Abilities[]

Darkness Blade enthralled

Darkness Blade becoming Do-S's love slave

Mind Control: Do-S possesses the ability to tướng control the minds of others. She achieves this by hitting them with her whip. Those who are controlled by her, have heart-shaped pupils and are referred as her "love slaves". However, people with strong willpower can resist this power. So far it seems that Do-S needed to tướng strike her victims with her whip in order to tướng control them or it just might be her preference. Gyoro Gyoro noted that this unique ability of hers would give the Monster Association more advantages if she was left alive.[10] It appears that if she loses her focus or is momentarily knocked unconscious, her victims will be freed.[11]

Physical Abilities[]

Enhanced Strength: Do-S possesses the raw power to tướng send several people flying with just a crack of her whip.[12] Her whip attacks were noted to tướng be very heavy by Fubuki.[13] Her whip attack eventually pierced through Fubuki's telekinesis when she was holding off Do-S's love slaves.[14] She was strong enough to tướng pierce Sweet Mask's eye and damage his face with her tongue while he was caught off-guard.[15]

Enhanced Durability: Do-S was capable of withstanding the psychic attacks of Fubuki, while only gaining several scratches.[16]

Enhanced Speed: Do-S was able to tướng escape Tatsumaki after using her love slaves as a distraction.[17]

Elasticity: Do-S was able to tướng extend the length of her leg in order to tướng trap Sweet Mask, then she was able to tướng extend her tongue and attack him.[18]

Prehensile Tongue: Beneath the mask she wore Do-S has an elastic tongue through which she could launch surprise attacks with.[19]

Transformation: To a limited extent, Do-S also has shapeshifting abilities as she was capable of transforming her foot into a snake-like maw while coiling around Sweet Mask.[18]

Regeneration: Do-S is capable of regenerating from wounds by consuming blood. After licking up large quantities of monster blood, she could recover from the seemingly lethal injuries that Sweet Mask gave her.

Fighting Style[]

Expert Whip Specialist: Do-S has shown great skill with her whip in combat. She is able to tướng dish out multiple hits with just a single crack of her whip.[12] Do-S used hypnosis in unison with her whip in combat.

Do-S whipping

Do-S using her spiked whip in combat

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  • Heart ♡ Hard ♡ Hit (ハート♡ハード♡ヒツト, Hāto ♡ Hādo ♡ Hitto): Do-S cracked her whip, sending out multiple slashes at once. This attack is capable of knocking multiple people back many meters.[12] Those who are hit by this attack become her love slaves, which she can control freely and she can make them vì thế her bidding.


Spiked Whip: Do-S wields a spiked whip that turned victims struck by it into love slaves, who are people that would blindly serve Do-S until they die, with a special stimulus.[20]

Dog Whistle: Do-S was able to tướng procure a dog whistle which can be blown to tướng summon Overgrown Rover. Fubuki noted that the whistle made no sound when Do-S blew it.[9]

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Do-S vs. Dynamite Man, Darkness Blade, Saturn Man, and Pandaman 61 17 Win
Do-S vs. Fubuki and Blizzard Group 61, 64, 65 18 Win against the Blizzard Group, later interrupted by Tatsumaki
Do-S and Narinki's Private Squad vs. Atomic Samurai's Disciples 105 None Interrupted by Sweet Mask
Do-S and Narinki's Private Squad vs. Sweet Mask 106 None Lost


Dos original death scene

Do-S' original death scene

  • "Do-S" literally means "Big Sadist".
  • The "Do" in Do-S' name is written as 弩, which means "crossbow".
  • It was first revealed in a stream that Do-S was a newcomer.[21] Do-S replaced Goddess Glasses' role in the webcomic due to tướng being a design from another mangaka back when ONE was still unemployed.[22]
  • Do-S once mistook Fubuki as the older sister of Tatsumaki.[23]
  • In the first version of Chapter 106, Do-S' death scene was different. After watching Sweet Mask quickly slaughter the Narinki Squad, she surrendered and was killed mercilessly. This was changed in the revised version, where her defeat was shown to tướng be very similar to tướng that of Goddess Glasses.[24]
  • In the 2017 One Punch Man Halloween cover, Do-S was depicted as a naughty nun: in the drawing she is wearing a Black veil, a wooden cross pendant, and a red rose instead of a Black one. The drawing came much earlier kêu ca the second season of the anime, making this the first artwork in which Do-S was shown in color.
  • Do-S was shown to tướng have survived her encounter with Sweet Mask in the redrawn version of Chapter 109. However, unlike Phoenix Man, Electric Catfish Man, Maiko Plasma, and Narinki's Private Squad, all of whom also had their lives restored due to tướng redraws, Do-S' current status as of the latest chronological chapter is unknown.
  • Do-S bears some similarity to tướng Mileena, a character from the Mortal Kombat series. Both are sadistic, both are wearing very seductive suits and also both had a similar monster's mouth with long tongue.


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