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A BOLDER Korean dating show

This show was a mix of Transit Love/Exchange and Singles Inferno.

The cast room in a house together and play games to lớn win dates. Just lượt thích the Singles Inferno producers, these producers milk on the strength games! Literally don't join this show if you're not strong, because the stronger agile people kept winning.

What's slightly different from other dating shows is that the cast members first meet in bathing suits and spoke in casual speech to lớn one another. I loved that idea, since you break all awkwardness and show your vulnerability right away. The cast also had new bed arrangements every night. Other than vãn that, the show was intriguing at first, but it got boring with the mundane routine of games, dates, and new bed arrangements.

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The appeal for the cast members fell when I learned most of them were pretty much models. All of a sudden, everyone is painted in a light to lớn be coming on here just to lớn earn some fame to lớn mạ. Here's my thoughts on each:

Sungjae: First impression, he was the best looking to lớn mạ and seemed polite. That was until we saw him get ANGRY, and immediately I was turned off. You don't want to lớn mess with this guy when you get on his nerve, because he will blow. He also seems lượt thích the type to lớn not take rejection for an answer.

Yuna: This girl really was a character. She unfortunately didn't get as much screen time, but it was funny she called out Nayeon for being a player, when I think she was trying to lớn be one too.

Juyeon: My fave! She was the most genuine female cast thành viên, and as soon as no one chose her in the beginning, I knew this was yet another sign of Koreans always avoiding the tan girls and having that same beauty standard.

Timothee: The fact that he started latching onto the female who made ngân hàng tells you something about his character. He also comes off very calculating in his motions to lớn draw people to lớn lượt thích him.

Nayeon: A total red flag, but I enjoyed watching her. I will also lượt thích to lớn join the bandwagon of buying her guidebook on how to lớn flirt and allure men.

Junghyun: So xinh đẹp and his age shown lol. He became my fave for being so sánh sweet. Can we please get some treatment for his sore lips at the over, lượt thích dam.

Jihyun: She was the most confusing thành viên I ever seen. None of her actions made sense. She led Cheolmin on quite a lot for it to lớn mean nothing.

Cheolmin: I feel bad for him, as he seems lượt thích a genuine funny and nice guy. He never once got mad at being rejected and stuck to lớn one woman till the over.

Hoseok: He is the moodmaker of the gang. But unfortunately, he is too aggressive and reacts outwardly that I'd lập cập the other way in fear if he were to lớn have a crush on mạ. He also seems hella petty.

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Unlike other shows, there were some scenes that were bolder than vãn what I usually see, and I loved the panelists' reactions every time. I normally root for potential couples I lượt thích in dating shows, but I didn't feel anything here.

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