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Going by the Book

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Korean name

바르게 살자

Revised RomanizationBareuge Salja
McCune–ReischauerParŭge Salja
Directed byRa Hee-chan
Written byJang Jin
Lee Gyu-bok
Produced byJang Jin
StarringJung Jae-young
Son Byong-ho
CinematographyKim Jun-young
Edited byKim Sang-bum
Kim Jae-bum
Music byHan Jae-kwon
Distributed byCJ Entertainment

Release date

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  • October 18, 2007

Running time

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102 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Box officeUS$14,961,069[1]

Going by the Book (Korean: 바르게 살자; RR: Bareuge Salja) is a 2007 South Korean film. This is a remake of the 1991 Japanese film Asobi no jikan wa owaranai (遊びの時間は終らない).


Jung Do-man is a low-ranking traffic cop whose tendency đồ sộ tự things "by the book" sometimes gets him in trouble, such as when he pulls over his new quấn, newly instated police chief Lee Seung-man, and issues him with a traffic ticket. Though surprised and annoyed by the unexpected fine, the police chief has bigger problems; the town of Sampo has been hit by a string of ngân hàng robberies, and đồ sộ reassure the public he decides đồ sộ carry out a realistic drill which will demonstrate the police force's capability. Do-man is chosen đồ sộ act out the part of the ngân hàng robber, but with his usual fastidious attention đồ sộ detail he sets out đồ sộ commit the perfect crime.


  • Jung Jae-young ... Jung Do-man
  • Son Byong-ho ... Lee Seung-man
  • Uhm Soo-jung ... Han So-young
  • Lee Young-eun ... Jeon Da-hye
  • Ko Chang-seok ... Woo Jong-dae
  • Lee Cheol-min ... Jo Seong-wook
  • Shin Goo ... Do-man's father
  • Lee Yong-yi ... Do-man's mother
  • Im Ji-eun ... Kim Sung-mi
  • Joo Jin-mo ... ngân hàng branch manager
  • Lee Han-wi ... police force team leader
  • Jo Deok-hyun ... adviser
  • Kim Kyu-chul ... senior Kim
  • Jo Shi-nae ... Miss Lee
  • Son Byeong-wook - camera man
  • Lee Moon-su - negotiator
  • Lee Hae-yeong - Song Gyung-tae
  • Kim Seung-hun - Detective #2
  • Park Sung-il - SWAT 4
  • Kong Ho-suk - old man
  • Jin Yong-ok - ngân hàng robber 1


Going by the Book was released in South Korea on 18 October 2007,[2] and topped the box office on its opening weekend with 464,699 admissions.[3] It held that position for a second successive weekend,[4] going on đồ sộ receive a total of 2,190,250 admissions nationwide,[2] with a gross (as of 16 December 2007) of US$14,961,069.[1]


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