it is impolite that you there when he gets off the plane

Perhaps this is more of a “big picture” life question kêu ca something specific to tướng airports and airplanes. Heck, maybe I just need to tướng see a therapist and figure out why this gets on my nerves ví much. I figure I’m not alone, though, ví I’m curious how the OMAAT community feels about this…

Frustration with people not using headphones in public

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For some reason, a surprising number of people think it’s appropriate to tướng bởi various activities without headphones in public — this includes video clip calls, playing video clip games, watching TV shows, or even blasting music.

Frankly I don’t get it. At all. I don’t expect the whole world to tướng be lượt thích nhật bản, but how is it that people think this is appropriate? It’s bad enough to tướng bởi this in public or in a terminal, but it’s even worse to tướng bởi it on a plane (which is a confined space where you can’t leave) or an airport lounge (which is supposed to tướng be a place to tướng get away from the hustle-and-bustle of the terminal).

While the noise is frustrating enough as is, I think what really gets to tướng má is how selfish it comes across. What goes through someone’s mind when they watch TV clips on their phone at full volume without headphones? As someone who lives in Miami, I find this to tướng be much more of an issue when flying to tướng & from here kêu ca in most other markets. It’s almost just an accepted practice.

Please use headphones when on a plane!

Some examples from today…

Let má share a few examples of what I’m talking about from today, all of which took place before 7AM. While waiting to tướng enter the Amex Centurion Lounge Miami, there was someone else waiting to tướng enter who was sitting on his bag and listening to tướng Cardi B’s “WAP” without headphones. I have absolutely nothing against the music as such, but without headphones?!

Then once in the lounge, I sat near someone who was conducting a video clip Call without headphones, ví I promptly moved.

Once onboard my flight, the guy seated next to tướng má started watching videos of soccer game highlights. Since it was in Spanish, I got to tướng hear that 30-second “GOAAAAAAAAL” being yelled constantly. Then after takeoff, someone a couple of rows from má started playing some sort of a shooting video clip game without headphones (or at least I assume that’s what it was, based on the sound).

Is this just most commonly a Miami thing?!

How bởi you handle these situations?

I’m curious how y’all feel about this. Am I off base for finding not using headphones in public to tướng be terribly inappropriate, or am I in the minority and need to tướng get over myself?

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Some might say “well just put on a pair of noise canceling headphones.” Practically speaking, that doesn’t work all that well. Noise canceling headphones typically bởi a great job canceling out consistent noises (like the sound of aircraft engines), while they don’t bởi a great job canceling out other audio, lượt thích people talking, music, etc.

If you’re as annoyed by this stuff as I am, what’s the correct way to tướng giảm giá with it? I’m a much more passive person kêu ca I used to tướng be. I avoid conflicts at almost any cost, because I’m just damn tired and don’t think they’re worth it. But I also hate myself for not saying anything, if that makes sense.

So what’s the correct thing to tướng bởi ?

  • Not say anything, and just giảm giá with it? That’s what I’ve been doing, but I’m also irked, so…
  • Say something directly to tướng the person? This would be the most satisfying, but is also most likely to tướng lead to tướng a confrontation, which I’m looking to tướng avoid
  • Bring it to tướng the attention of the flight attendant and lounge staff? I hate putting them in an uncomfortable situation, and sometimes it can be hard to tướng handle this subtly
  • Buy headphones in bulk, and passive aggressively hand them out as needed? This actually seems sorta fun and productive 😉
  • Take the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” approach, and simply blast something louder kêu ca the person who is being annoying, to tướng prove a point? I can’t decide whether this would work well or lead to tướng a bad situation

I recognize I’m probably not going to tướng be able to tướng change the world and get people to tướng stop being ví selfish. However, it feels good to tướng at least be able to tướng talk about it, in hopes of má not being alone in feeling this way.

What’s the correct way to tướng giảm giá with tai nghe issues?

Bottom line

For whatever reason, some people seem to tướng think it’s totally acceptable to tướng blast their phone calls, TV shows, music, and video clip games, for everyone on an airplane and in an airport to tướng hear. The public at large not being terribly considerate of others is nothing new, ví I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. But somehow this still really irks me…

Anyone else as annoyed by this practice as I am? If ví, how bởi you giảm giá with it, if at all?

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