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London Bridge is falling down... Falling down... Falling down... London Bridge is falling down... My... fair... lady...

Jack the Ripper is Humanity's representative in the fourth round of Ragnarok, going up against Heracles. Jack is also the main character of his spin-off manga, "Jack the Ripper's Case Files".

Jack is a serial killer hailing from late 19th century Britain and is a very important figure in the history of London, being considered "Humanity's Most Infamous Serial Killer" (人類史上最も著名な殺人鬼, Jinrui Shijō Mottomo Chomeina Satsujinki).

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Jack takes the khuông of an adult man with silver hair and a silver mustache. Jack also has different coloured eyes, with a left eye that is silver in color and a right eye that is deep red in color, the latter being covered by a monocle filled with gears. He also wears a gray Victorian Era formal suit with a white shirt underneath and a blood red steampunk top hat. Jack also wears blood red trousers, a blood red coat over his suit and a pair of Đen gloves.


Normally, Jack has the disposition of a typical British gentleman, accentuated by his sophisticated diction and actions. He is also a big người yêu thích of Shakespeare, usually quoting some of his poems while talking vĩ đại others.

Jack loves fear anime

Jack the Ripper admits he committed all those murders because he thinks the color of fear is beautiful

However, underneath this polite and distinguished façade, Jack is a cold-blooded monster at heart as he gleefully murders people simply vĩ đại bask in the sight of his victim's fear as they come face-to-face with death, even going as far as vĩ đại describe the color as "absolutely beautiful". Later on it's revealed that much of Jack's twisted, cruel, and sadistic nature comes from a traumatic childhood experience where, upon discovering that his mother never truly loved him and only saw him as a tool for her vĩ đại get out of poverty, he broke down mentally and eventually spiraled until he became the ruthless killer he is today.

Jack is also a natural liar. He repeatedly lied vĩ đại Heracles about his Völundr as a part of his strategy vĩ đại win his fight against the god.

However, after his fight with Heracles and later meeting with Göll, Jack seems vĩ đại have shown a desire vĩ đại change and move on, as well as a want vĩ đại meet someone who truly loves him. Also, despite his ability vĩ đại see the true feelings of those around him, Jack has demonstrated an inability vĩ đại recognize his own, even requiring Hlökk vĩ đại tell him that he felt sad about killing Heracles.

Despite his twisted and ruthless nature, Jack still has some kind of moral and humanity, helping a secret organization while he was alive vĩ đại get rid of the worst criminals of London, specially if they are related with orphan kids who are kidnapped by rapists. However he chooses vĩ đại take over the identity of the actual Jack the Ripper as he sees himself not different from the original, telling vĩ đại Brunhilde that he could've been just lượt thích him if the conditions were different of those he had.


Overall Abilities: Jack the Ripper is a master assassin and combatant who prefers vĩ đại win through genius tactics rather than thở raw power. In battle, Jack is willing vĩ đại use any means necessary vĩ đại take down his prey, using his warped and creative mind vĩ đại come up with a plan of action ví as vĩ đại kill his targets as efficiently and sadistically as possible. By using any and all items available vĩ đại him, Jack can adapt effortlessly vĩ đại his surroundings, quickly setting up complex traps and improvising vĩ đại fool his opponent even when in the heat of battle.[1]

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Physical Abilities[]

Godlike Strength: Despite possibly being the weakest of the Einherjar when it comes vĩ đại physical strength, Jack still is far more powerful than thở the average human being. He was able vĩ đại overpower the Valkyrie and demigoddess Hlökk, rip off and throw the clockface of the Big Ben and even briefly trade blows with the likes of Heracles.

Godlike Speed & Reflexes: Being an expert assassin and talented killer, Jack can move at superhuman speeds, although not at the same caliber as individuals lượt thích Adam or Kojiro Sasaki. Despite that, he was still able vĩ đại keep up with the extremely swift attacks from Heracles. In his spin-off series, Jack is shown vĩ đại be fast enough vĩ đại cut cannonballs in mid-air and catch bullets with his piano wire.

Godlike Durability: Despite being just a mortal, Jack was able vĩ đại take multiple hits from Heracles, who's been stated vĩ đại possess a caliber of strength on par with Zeus himself, and survive, however, he was heavily injured in the process.

Godlike Endurance & Stamina: Jack has displayed incredible endurance and stamina, able vĩ đại keep up with the God of Fortitude himself without showing any signs of fatigue, even after receiving multiple injuries he was still able vĩ đại keep fighting.

  • Immense Pain Tolerance: Jack possesses an immense pain endurance. When Heracles landed a successful blow on him with the Nemean Lion, Jack shrugged off his injuries unfazed and fixed his dislocated shoulder nonchalantly.[2] He also ignored his wounds from the knives reflected by Heracles' Bird of Stymphalia. When he was impaled on a metal fence, he cut off the spike, pulled it out of himself and continued vĩ đại fight.[3]
    • Arm Extension: With his pain tolerance, Jack can dislocate and elongate his arms. He used this ability vĩ đại defeat Humpty Dumpty by using his elongated arms vĩ đại throw a cannonball with enough force vĩ đại kill him.
  • Internal Organ Movement: Jack has the ability vĩ đại slightly move his internal organs at his will in order vĩ đại avoid critical even lethal damage. The extent of his organ movement is limited but just enough vĩ đại avoid lethal damage from an accurate fighter such as Noah.

Mental Abilities[]

Strong Willpower: Jack the Ripper has displayed immense willpower, vĩ đại the point that even Heracles himself praised his determination. Even after taking multiple hits from the God of Fortitude, Jack still remained determined vĩ đại defeat his opponent always thinking of new plans in order vĩ đại win. Jack was even willing vĩ đại impale himself in order vĩ đại gain an advantage in the fight.

Tactical Intellect: Jack is an expert tactician, being able vĩ đại outsmart Heracles and the Gods and think on his feet, as shown when he used the urban environment vĩ đại his advantage, fleeing into a dark alleyway and setting up traps.[4] He is also very crafty, as he was able vĩ đại distract Heracles with the use of manmade weapons and traps along with hit-and-run tactics.[5] Jack was also able vĩ đại catch Heracles off guard multiple times[6] and was even able vĩ đại fool him twice with his nhái Völundrs vĩ đại make the hero lower his guard.[7] With the help of his emotion sensing eye, Jack can manipulate and trick people easily, by seeing their emotions and how they change based on his actions.

Fighting Abilities[]

Stealth Master: When he was still an active serial killer in London, Jack was able vĩ đại elude capture and always remain one step ahead, despite the whole of London's police force searching for him. While fighting Heracles in the fourth round, Jack was able vĩ đại quickly phối up traps and footing beforehand without being seen by the cameras or his opponent.

When he was alive on Earth, Jack killed multiple people without the police ever knowing about them, causing them vĩ đại never be recorded in the pages of history. He was also capable of approaching Hlökk without her even noticing his presence.

Weapons Master: Jack is shown vĩ đại be proficient in many forms of weaponry, conventional or otherwise, even using the objects in his surroundings as weapons and still keep up with Heracles. The weapons he has used in the battle against the God include a giant scissor, piano wires, knives, an umbrella, a sharp fence, a door,[8] the face of Big Ben and finally, a grappling hook.

  • Knife Proficiency: Jack's most notable weapon skill is his expert proficiency in knives, shown as he is capable of throwing knives at his enemies with great tốc độ and accuracy.[9][10] He's also been shown hurling a giant knife lượt thích a boomerang whilst tossing smaller ones at Heracles, all the while leaping from roof vĩ đại roof and back vĩ đại the ground with his grappling hook.[11]

Supernatural Abilities[]

Golden Age: As a Human soul in the afterlife, Jack possesses the appearance and skills that he did at his peak.

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Soul Eye anime

Soul Eye

Soul Eye:[12] A unique power that he's possessed since birth, Jack's right eye possesses the ability vĩ đại see people's emotions as colors. By looking into a person's "soul", Jack can discern their real intentions by even the slightest change in color. During his killing spree, Jack used his right eye vĩ đại see the true colors of anyone he saw in order vĩ đại kill or evade, which might be the actual reason why he was able vĩ đại escape the police force. When combined with his intellect, Jack can easily manipulate people vĩ đại bởi as he pleases, this was best shown by him forcing a Völundr with a Valkyrie by manipulating her emotions and making them "match their wavelengths".

However, this ability is not without it's weaknesses, since it's heavily implied that Jack cannot use his ability on himself. Another flaw is that, while he may be able vĩ đại see people's actual emotions, it doesn't mean he'll truly understand them, as seen when he confused his mother's love for his father as being the love she had for him.



Jack reveals his scissors as Völundr Giant Scissors:[15] Initially, Jack wielded a giant pair of scissors which he used vĩ đại convince Heracles that it was his Divine Weapon. The scissors are golden in color and are extremely sharp and powerful, effortlessly slicing a lamppost in two. In the over, it was destroyed by Heracles' club.[16]
Piano Wires anime Piano Wires:[1] Jack carries extremely thin and sharp wires from a piano, ví thin in fact it appears invisible vĩ đại the naked eye.[17] It's also incredibly strong, easily being able vĩ đại tư vấn Jack's entire body toàn thân weight.[18] Jack used these wires vĩ đại launch a barrage of knife attacks from above while still being able vĩ đại expertly manipulate their trajectory and direction.[19][9][20] Jack can also use the piano wire vĩ đại stop and redirect bullets.
Throwing Knives anime Throwing Knives:[21] Jack's main khuông of weaponry are dozens of small throwing knives which, through the use of his divine weapon's ability, can pierce through Heracles godly flesh.[20]
Giant Switchblade anime Giant Switchblade:[22] Jack also carries a folding automatic knife, which is big enough that it's more akin vĩ đại a sword, with up vĩ đại 6 different blades.[23]
Umbrella anime Umbrella:[24] Jack has a pair of umbrellas, which he puts in each of his pouches. Using the power of his divine weapon, Jack enhanced these regular umbrellas vĩ đại the point where they can deflect strikes from Heracles' club.[25]
Grappling Hook anime Grappling Hook:[26] Jack carries a grappling hook, that resembles a fancy looking pistol. He used this item in order vĩ đại escape Heracles attacks.[27]
Magic Pouches anime Magic Pouches: Two pouches which Jack uses vĩ đại carry his vast arsenal of weapons and equipment. He convinced Heracles they were his true Divine Weapon, capable of conjuring forth an unlimited number of items on par with that of Divine Weapons as long as they are no larger than thở the pouches themselves.
Cloak anime Cloak: A regular cloak that Jack uses vĩ đại cover himself. By using the ability of his Divine Weapon, Jack can turn his cloak into a weapon, easily capable of slicing apart an entire building as demonstrated when he performed his "Rondo of Blessing" technique.
Gloves anime Gloves: A Divine Weapon provided by the Völundr of the 11th Valkyrie, Hlökk. Its unique ability enables Jack vĩ đại turn anything he touches into a Divine Weapon[28], making them capable of harming Gods. Jack uses this ability vĩ đại turn every single object within London, from entire buildings vĩ đại mere pebbles, into deadly weapons for him vĩ đại use as he sees fit.[29]


  • (To Heracles) "No matter the odds I shall always accept a duel, for that... is the true essence of a gentleman."[30]
  • (To Heracles) "Rather than thở being ready-made, everything I use is made-to-order, for that is the true essence of a gentleman[...] Now, O mighty hero... tremble before mạ."[31][32]
  • (To himself) "During my life I could see the swirl of emotions within the hearts of others. And yet... at the moment of death, only when the body toàn thân was ruled by fear would that swirl recede, removing all impurities. It was truly, truly a beautiful sight."[33]
  • (To Heracles) "Amongst all evil that permeates my soul, this is my sole reason for life...the one gift the Gods saw fit vĩ đại bestow upon mạ. The color of emotions I can see are a work of art that only I am capable of producing. Furthermore...this art of mine is capable of making anybody shine no matter how dark their life was...isn't that wonderful?[...] I'm certain it is beyond your comprehension...but those whose hearts resonate with the sole emotion of fear possesses a beauty that I wouldn't exchange for this world."[34]
  • (To Heracles) "To think that true love would be as dazzling and wonderous as this sight before me[...] To you wreathed in such pure, beautiful colors of love...I want vĩ đại...dye you in my favorite color."[35]
  • (To himself) "London Bridge is falling down... falling down... falling down... London Bridge is falling down... my... fair... lady..."[36]
  • (To Heracles) "Dear God... is what I name this technique. I shall dedicate it vĩ đại you."[37]
  • (To himself) "I wonder... what color must I be right now...?"[38]
  • (To himself) "If... I could have one wish... I wish... I could see you once more."[39]


  • Despite being commonly referred vĩ đại as "Jack", his real name is unknown.
  • Jack's emotion sensing ability is based on a real-life condition known as "Synesthesia". People who have this condition usually associate sounds, colors, or words with each other in a "cross-wired" sense. Jack, on the other hand, has a superior version of synesthesia, as it allows him vĩ đại see people's souls and vĩ đại know their true feelings and intentions.
  • Jack's hat used vĩ đại belong vĩ đại his father, which he stole from him after killing him.
  • Several of Jack's statements and behaviors appear vĩ đại be references vĩ đại some of the suspects for his true identity. They include:
    1. Referring vĩ đại his knives as "an artist's tools" references German-born artist Walter Sickert. As well in the spin off, where he's called as "The Artist of Death".
    2. His use of Shakespeare could be an allusion either vĩ đại actor Richard Mansfield, or author Lewis Caroll, both of whom have been suggested- though widely discounted- as the Ripper. Another suggestion here would be poet James Kenneth Stephen.
    3. The knives he repeatedly use resemble scalpels, suggesting William Withey Gull, personal physician vĩ đại Queen Victoria.
    4. His princely manor might suggest Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, the grandson of Queen Victoria.
    5. The tea he drinks might be a reference vĩ đại Seweryn Kłosowski, better known as George Chapman, a bar owner and career conman who poisoned several of his wives.
    6. His "bag of tricks" could allude vĩ đại the Lambeth Poisoner, Dr. Thomas Neill Cream, who is said vĩ đại have confessed vĩ đại being the Ripper in his final moments, quack "herb doctor" Francis Tumblety, a suspect personally named by Chief Inspector John Littlechild, or Sir John Williams, personal obstetrician vĩ đại Princess Beatrice.
    7. The scissors he uses in the beginning of the battle could suggest tailor David Cohen or royal wig- and costume-maker Willy Clarkson.
    8. Jack's in-story childhood suggests Charles Allen Lechmere, the man who found the body toàn thân of the first victim, Mary Ann Nichols, and is suspected due vĩ đại his odd behavior when found next vĩ đại the body toàn thân by witness Robert Paul. Both have a father who abandoned them and their mother.
  • According vĩ đại the "Dusters Book", Jack is worth £12,000 as a reward and is S-Rank.


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