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My question concerns the phrase:

"Many of people would agree..."

I know the correct way of saying this is vĩ đại omit the preposition "of", because according vĩ đại the grammar books this is an indefinite use of an "amount" word. That said, it would be fine vĩ đại say:

"Alot of people would agree..."

I don't quite understand this grammar point. Could anyone please explain it vĩ đại bu in simple terms, as I have vĩ đại tự the same myself!

Thank you

  • Hello, Andryuu. Most of the time, "many" serves as an adjective that modifies some noun that follows it: Many people would agree...

    Here's that use of "many" as defined in M-W*: 1 : consisting of or amounting vĩ đại a large but indefinite number : not few <many people expressed fear> <worked hard for many years> <a country with many natural resources> <the many advantages of an education>

    When you use "a lot of" vĩ đại mean "many", you are really using the noun "lot", meaning a group or assortment of something: There were a lot of people at the game. When you use a noun of size or measurement lượt thích "lot", you ordinarily need a preposition between this noun and the noun that follows it: A cup of flour; a pound of wheat; a lot of people


    "many." Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. Merriam-Webster, 2002.


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    with prepositions, usage is what it is and has vĩ đại learned.

    That said, it would be fine vĩ đại say:

    "Alot of people would agree..."

    No it wouldn't. "Alot" is not a word. A lot of people make that mistake.

    Owlman5, you are a grammatical genius. Thanks mate.

    Sdgraham, I totally agree with you. And thanks for picking up on the stuff-up!