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Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2015

When I ordered this product, I had previously done a whole research on Asian skin care products and found out that most of them were really expensive and sometimes didn't even work. So when I came across Cure Natural Aqua Gel on a Youtuber's Channel and found it was really inexpensive, with positive reviews, I was really excited to tát try it out. It arrived really fast and with no problems. My product was easy to tát apply since it came with English instructions on the back. When I applied it on my face, slowly and gently massaging it, I felt a bunch of little balls coming off. I was surprised that such a soft and gentle exfoliator could have such an enormous effect, sánh I checked the product to tát see if it had any hidden balls within it but found none. So, as I lượt thích to tát think, I conducted a small experiment that goes as follows:

"Since some parts of our bodies have higher or lower concentration of dead cells, if I use the same amount of product on these areas I should get a different amount of dead cells. And if I get the same amount of "balls" it means it is all within the product. (Making sense? It does in my head XD)
I decided to tát test two areas: 1) The elbows, 2) The face
Why? Well, if there is a part of the body toàn thân people clean(or at least within my family) it's the face. I know I am too lazy to tát scrub my body toàn thân every single day and thus my elbows don't get such a nice treatment. Besides, elbows are a joint where skin accumulates, thus more dead cells. ( I am not an expert)
So I pumped twice and applied it on my elbow which I know has a big concentration of dead cells. And as hypothesized( if you lượt thích to tát think of it that way ;D) a big amount of balls formed. Then, I applied the same amount of product to tát a part of my dad's face as equal in surface area as that of my elbows (I had already exfoliated mine sánh it doesn't count). My conclusion was that the product truly works, because the same amount of product generated different amounts of balls, meaning it must have reacted to tát the skin.
It's a weird way of testing it out and I know many factors could have influenced the answers but all you really need as proof, is the feel of your skin.
To really appreciate a product I write down my expectations VS. reality and with these, I draw my "real expectations" because having realistic expectations in mind really help to tát appreciate any product and understand it's value.
For u these were my Expectations Vs Reality
Yes, we all have wished our acne would simply disappear, together with the scars and all those skin problems after one application. "My skin will turn to tát a beautiful and healthy glowing and perfect skin."
After years of doing nothing to tát my skin( I am guilty -.-), it won't go away magically, and if it does Gọi u. Skin needs time to tát repair, sánh I have to tát be patient. There is no "perfect" skin sánh I should love my skin the way it is even though I look lượt thích a Mexican version of a vampire.

The product is as gentle as you want it to tát be( if your not gentle with your skin you can scar it even more -.- lượt thích I did when I exfoliated with sugar and rubbed sánh hard on my skin). It has only being 2 weeks, and My acne is still there, but it has tremendously dwindled. I used to tát have acne all over my cheeks and now I only get one pimple every other day. My skin doesn't "glow" in the dark (LOL) but it does look a little more healthy and not sánh dull. The product has caused no "after effects", it is pleasant to tát use and has done close to tát magic for my skin \(^_^)/

I am sánh happy with this beautiful product sent from heaven. I have lived with acne my whole life lượt thích a lot of people, and I did my research, bought this product and now I am happy. It is worth every penny, and it does wonders(at least to tát my face), fast shipping, you name it.
I use this product with my skin care routine which is as follows:
1) A làm đẹp remover (if you wear làm đẹp, I don't sánh I can't recommend any but oils are good too if you want a more natural way)
2) A cleanser- use any of your preference, i haven't found a favorite yet.
3) An exfoliator- THIS ONE!
4) A toner- for this I use half Apple cider vinegar and half water because i don't lượt thích the idea of rubbing any alcohol product on my face.
5)A moisturizer- Even if I have oily skin, I moisturize my skin(I think is very important but can't tell if it will make it worst for others or not) I recommend Aveeno
6) Masks- sometimes I use honey for my red scars, or clay masks work too (Indian Clay)
7) A Spray - Avene Thermal Spring water spray is great to tát keep face moisturize if you don't want to tát apply face cream often, its a lighter feeling.

Sorry for my bad English, Spanish is my first language. This is only my opinion and my craziness :D

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Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2023

I have ordered this product sánh many times. I really love it. The price is reasonable compared to tát other products and they are not as good. I lượt thích it because it works in the shower when my skin is wet. Very easy to tát use and effective. Very important to tát exfoliate to tát have healthy glowing skin.

Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2023

Works well but can’t read instructions.

Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2023

My dermatologist recommended I get this product for my sensitive, oily/combo skin. This product is great because it doesn’t irritate my skin and yet does the work of a tougher exfoliator.

Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2023

A friend of mine recommended I add this to tát my skincare routine. I’ve been using it about 3x a week (MWF), and I love how it makes my skin feel. After my cleanser, I apply this exfoliator and I can just feel the dry/dead skin rolling off. My face FEELS clean and soft. It’s definitely a great addition to tát your skin care routine.

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Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2015

So I was sold on all the positive reviews, before buying... and that's why I bought this. In the back of my mind, I didn't know what to tát expect.

Some background: I'm a 37-year old fair-skinned Asian-American male. I have had a facial skincare routine every day of my life since I turned 30 years old. For 5 years, as far as cleansing goes, I was always using Stridex daily, and 2x a month using an acid exfoliator (the Olay serum/scrub kit). For the last couple years, I have switched to tát a basic water-based cleanser, and every 6-12 weeks I have applied either a 15% or 25% TCA chemical peel. In other words, I'm no stranger to tát what exfoliation feels lượt thích.

As a kid, growing up, in the bath or shower, I would often scratch or rub my arms or legs to tát really give myself a deep clean. It would produce these "strands" of dead epidermis. But I would have to tát rub those areas really hard.

Well, this "CURE" gel basically eliminates the need for all that rubbing/scratching. You rub gently over your face and within 15 seconds, sure enough, the epidermis starts to tát flake or "ball" off!

Now, before I purchased, I read some people saying that if this was really your skin, that you'd be suffering from burns on your face. And I have two responses: (1) each time I apply this "CURE" gel, I squirt 4 pumps into my hands, and cover my face with it, and it appears to tát take off somewhere between 1/3 to tát một nửa of (the dead stratum corneum layer of) my epidermis skin layer; and (2) a lot of the skin that is flaking or balling off is actually from your HANDS, not your face!

Of course, you've read the reviews that claim that this product does nothing.

Well, sánh I ran all the following tests:

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(a) First, when I wore a plastic glove and rubbed the gel between my fingers, there was absolutely ZERO balling, even after rubbing 3 minutes until it dried. So, that basically eliminated all these claims in these negative 1-star reviews that it was due to tát coagulation of the gel.

(b) Then, I applied the lotion once, rinsed off, applied again, rinsed off, and applied again, rinsed off. Each of those 3 times I had the balling/flaking results. 3 times! Now, a note: by the time I rinsed off the third time, my skin was dry and stinging. It was the same kind of stinging I get from applying a 15% TCA peel! Maybe not as strong, sánh maybe it's similar to tát a 7% TCA peel, but the sensation is definitely the same. And that stinging sensation comes where the TCA peel most affects me--around my nostrils, and under my chin.

(c) My third experiment was on a separate evening, where I applied the lotion with a plastic glove (you can also wear a plastic sandwich bag, lượt thích a glove, instead). This time, on the 3rd pass, I no longer got the balling/flaking results. Instead, when I used the leftover gel from this 3rd pass attempt on my forearm, well, the dead epidermis started to tát ball/flake.

(d) My last experiment was to tát try applying this in the shower. And it didn't work! This gel doesn't work at all if you try to tát apply it to tát a wet face. It only works (and works REALLY well!) if you apply it to tát a clean dry face!!!

The results are remarkable. My skin is glowing after using this product.

So after reading all this, what am I trying to tát tell you?:
#1: This stuff is for real, most definitely. The stuff balling up is most definitely your dead epidermis.
#2: It's best to tát apply this with something, instead of direct tương tác with your hands. I will continue using a plastic glove or plastic bag to tát apply.
#3. If you decide to tát apply this 2-3 times in a row, you may exfoliate all your epidermis, and you better cover up with an SPF lotion.
#4. Only apply on a dry face!

I hope this helps some of you in your usage or purchasing decisions. Cheers.

1-WEEK UPDATE: If you wear a plastic glove while applying, you may need to tát rub with significantly more pressure because the plastic is slick and there's no friction to tát rub the surface epidermis away. But more amazingly, after about a week of use, it has gently removed about 30% of a discoloration caused by a popped pimple. Usually I have to tát wait months for it to tát go away, or I use deep exfoliation on it and it gets irritated and sticks around longer. Finally, after a week of use, I've also discovered that my Ponds pore strips are much more effective now on my pores. Overall, I'm convinced that the balling of skin looks sánh strange because it is an agglomeration ('mixture') of both your dead skin and the product itself (which isn't sánh far-fetched given that the product isn't supposed to tát necessarily magically disappear!). I'm quite happy with the gentleness of this product.

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Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2023

This does help to tát exfoliate your face and take off a layer of dead cells. I tried it a couple of times and question whether some of what I thought was dead skin was actually beading built into the product. Still my face felt smoother sánh my conclusion is that it does work but doesn’t produce amazing results. You need to tát phối reasonable expectations of use.

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Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2023

I lượt thích this scrub. I was purchased from i herb , this is 3d time bought it

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4.0 out of 5 stars お気に入り

Reviewed in nhật bản on August 6, 2023


5.0 out of 5 stars good product. satisfied.

Reviewed in India on September 23, 2022

good result. expectation fulfilled

4.0 out of 5 stars 最高

Reviewed in nhật bản on June 2, 2023

4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing product

Reviewed in nhật bản on November 19, 2022

I tried it for the first time and I was really amazed with the effect on my skin!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great product and siper speedy delivery

Reviewed in nước Australia on April 4, 2023

Love love love this product ❤️

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