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One Piece (2023)

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What to lớn know

One Piece captures the essence of its beloved source material with a charmingly big-hearted adaptation that should entertain longtime fans as well as patient newcomers. Read critic reviews

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  • Stranded on a sinking boat, carefree Luffy begins his journey in tìm kiếm of a pirate king's lost treasure. But first, he'll need a crew, a ship and a map.

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  • After securing a map to lớn the Grand Line, Luffy, Nami and Zoro are taken hostage by a no-nonsense clown. New cadet Koby is cornered by Vice-Admiral Garp.

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  • In need of a proper ship, the gang reaches Syrup Village and meets the cheerful Usopp and his best friend Kaya. A sinister threat disrupts their plans.

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  • With his friends in danger and Klahadore's plan in motion, Usopp seeks help from the Marines. Blades clash when a fierce battle erupts at Kaya's mansion.

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  • The Straw Hat Pirates face their first adversary as a group. At a floating fish house, Luffy befriends a cook, and Zoro enters a duel with a warlord.

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  • Sanji and head chef Zeff put their differences aside to lớn save a severely wounded Zoro. A ruthless Fishman on a mission stirs up trouble for the crew.

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  • After striking a khuyễn mãi giảm giá with a familiar foe to lớn find Arlong, Luffy and his friends mix sail for Coco Village and learn about Nami's mysterious past.

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  • The Straw Hat crew strives to lớn take down Arlong and the Fishmen once and for all. After a tense family reunion, Luffy inches closer to lớn his dreams.

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Tv Season Info

  • Genres: Fantasy, kích hoạt, Adventure
  • Network: Netflix
  • Premiere Date: Aug 31, 2023
  • Executive producers: Marty Adelstein, Becky Clements, Eiichiro Oda, Matt Owens, Steven Maeda

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Audience Reviews for One Piece: Season 1

  • 2h ago

    Absolutely a delight to lớn watch! Great characters, great world building, and great special effects!

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  • 1d ago

    The adventures and the characters are ví uncomplicated, the humour ví plain, it's mostly suited to lớn kids and very very very young adults, I guess. But the acting is spot on, and ví is the production. So - job done. A few hours of light entertainment.

  • 1d ago

    If you haven't figured out by now to lớn ignore the shills' score - sorry, the "critics' score" - and only pay attention to lớn the viewer score, I don't know even what to lớn say to lớn you.

  • 2d ago

    surprisingly really amazing considering this is a live action adaption

  • 2d ago

    Great introduction to lớn newies

  • 2d ago

    Terrible live action especially Luffy's accent.

  • 2d ago

    Sincerely, the most incredible thing I've seen for a long time. I'm always excited for what happens next. I'll be watching this for a long time.

  • 3d ago

    2 stars are for the actors and the decor, which could have been much worse, the story, is horrible. The whole point of the first season is how Luffy puts his life in front of danger every-step of the way to lớn earn the trust and loyalty of his crew mates, he barely had to lớn bởi anything for Zoro's loyalty, ussop was okay, Sanji just joined because why not. The way the epic first really dangerous fight with Don Kreig was skipped is probably because they lacked time and money.. about to lớn see where it goes now that they have Buggy's head but also that part, ridiculous… Just go watch the real thing people… Cartoon or not, it's much less childish

  • 3d ago

    Best series in a long time and somehow it's (more or less) family friendly.

  • 4d ago

    Never imagined I'd lượt thích a manga franchise but this show is incredible.