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Contains Mature , Smut genres, is considered NSFW.

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Over the Moon

Over the Moon (Youjo) / Over the Moon (오버 더 문) / 心花怒放 / 我非常幸福 / 오버 더 문

Rank: 604th, it has 6.9K monthly / 76.6K total views.

Genres: Manhwa , Webtoon , Yaoi(BL) , Mature , Smut , Drama , Full Color , Romance , Showbiz

Original language: Korean

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Translated language: English

Original work: Completed

Upload status: Completed

Year of Release: 2021

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Year of Complete: 2023


Hayoon works as a thành viên of a film crew during the day and as a host at a homosexual club at night. Hayoon's life takes a turn for the better when he becomes close lớn the famous actor Kwon Yian. Two people whose love slowly blooms enjoy a fantastic covert romance on phối...

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