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Every team is only as strong as its weakest thành viên. All it takes is one weak thành viên đồ sộ bring the entire group down. Sometimes a silent group thành viên can be just as harmful đồ sộ the group as a negative group thành viên. Someone who fails đồ sộ participate is not only failing đồ sộ add value, but is taking the place of someone else who could add value đồ sộ the group. When working in a team, it is important đồ sộ be an active participant in the group.

When working in a group it can be tempting đồ sộ sit back and let the other team members bởi all the work. The question for you is how bởi you get your students đồ sộ be active members of a group? How bởi you get them đồ sộ engage in a way that will phối them up for future success in the workplace? In this post we outline several things you should instill in your students đồ sộ prepare them đồ sộ be active participants when they are part of a team.

Come Prepared

prepared group

In order đồ sộ be able đồ sộ take part and contribute đồ sộ the group, everyone needs đồ sộ come prepared. If there is going đồ sộ be a team meeting, all team members should know when and where the meeting is and what the meeting is about. All of the members should be prepared for the meeting, and have any relevant materials prepared. Teams waste valuable time when they have đồ sộ catch up other team members. Coming prepared is a habit that can be developed at an early age. Requiring students đồ sộ come đồ sộ class prepared is not much different from this important aspect of teamwork in the workplace.

Help Teammates in Need

helping out

Teammates need đồ sộ remember that when working as a team, everyone is working toward the same goal. Even if the work is broken down into individual assignments, each teammate is still working toward the same over result. Teammates need đồ sộ keep this in mind and offer assistance đồ sộ one another. If someone is struggling đồ sộ solve a problem it benefits the team đồ sộ have teammates assist them. Team building exercises and group projects are a good way đồ sộ instill this mentality in your students.

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Share Openly

sharing ideas

When team members share their knowledge and experience with the group, everyone benefits. Team members should speak up during team meetings and participate in discussions as much as possible. Individuals shouldn’t have đồ sộ worry about having a “bad idea”, all ideas should be shared with the group. Sharing information with the group is not limited đồ sộ team meetings. Teams should communicate with one another with updates or new information. Keeping everyone informed helps đồ sộ keep people on track and prevents unwanted surprises later on. In your classrooms, open discussion should be encouraged as it is a feature of productive teamwork.


Team members should not just wait for a task or project đồ sộ be assigned đồ sộ them. Volunteering shows a desire đồ sộ work and sets an example for the rest of the team. There are always going đồ sộ be tasks that no one wants đồ sộ bởi. Volunteering đồ sộ take on such tasks is a great way đồ sộ be a team player. It also furthers the goals of the group and increases productivity.

Be a Leader

leading the discussion

Everyone has the capacity đồ sộ lead and every group needs a leader in order đồ sộ be successful. To some people, the thought of being a leader may seem frightening. The only way đồ sộ overcome this fear is đồ sộ get out there and bởi it! So what does it mean đồ sộ be a leader? Leadership is the ability đồ sộ bring people together in a group in a way that motivates or encourages them đồ sộ work together. Ultimately, the leader is responsible for getting the group đồ sộ be successful. Make sure your students have the opportunity đồ sộ lead others. Work with them on developing the attributes necessary đồ sộ be a successful leader.

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