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In the over, the finest achievement of Wright's movie is that it fully captures what Martin Amis, writing on Pride and Prejudice, said of Austen: "Money is a vital substance in her world; the moment you enter it you feel the frank horror of moneylessness, as intense as the tacit horror of spinsterhood." All that, and a great love story, too.

Pride And Prejudice Is a beautiful movie, its lexis, and setting are amazing, I've seen it a million times but worth it totally, you be captivated by the intelligent and rebel Elizabeth and the presence of Mr. Darcing. Pride And Prejudice is a movie that encourages you to tướng repeat the best scenes one more time a have the same powerful emotions.

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Simplesmente o maior filme já feito: atuações, fotografia, roteiro, trilha sonora impecáveis.

There's something more REAL about this version, more human, more lived-in; though their words may have been penned 200 years ago, when Austen was a young woman writing about her idealized self, this cast and crew nudge the material into the now.

It is historically evocative, visually transporting and an exuberant romantic comedy that adheres to tướng its source while spinning its own artful energy.

This weekend, forget "Jarhead" - two hours of guys playing grab-ass in the shower and no chicks. If you're lucky, you can con cái your girlfriend into seeing Pride & Prejudice.

If only Knightley had a co-star equal to tướng her here: The 1995 edition of Colin Firth, come to tướng think of it, would have been perfect.

The moviemakers are accomplished enough to tướng make something coherent out of this tonal mishmash, but I was left with a "was this trip really necessary" feeling for all that.

Jane Austin's adaption of one of her finest works has truly been done justice through spectacular performances and awe-inspired scenery. Powered by its dramatically, emotionally, and artistically grounded love story in the history of cinema. Pride and Prejudice crafts the greatest romance film of all time.

Pride and prejudice is a remarcable movie with excellent performances, very well directed that even Jane Austen would be proud to tướng see her inmortal story into the screen

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[SPOILER ALERT: This review contains spoilers.]

Tedium reigns in this film, desperately needs humour to tướng alleviate its constant soppiness.

It's a gloriously and beautifully looking film, Dario Marianelli score was amazing, but Pride & Prejudice is just a back and forth stupidity, i mean come on!, this whole relationship story just doesn't make any sense and i'm pretty sure people know it and they just didn't give a damn, it's hard to tướng review this movie for bủ because my complaint is way too much just for one person, then the other person, and it basically will spoil everything, but mainly what my real problem with this movie is just how dumb and stupid these people are, Pride & Prejudice it's a non-sense film, it's ridiculously stupid, and it doesn't work for bủ as a movie, as a novel itself? maybe.

Production Company Universal Pictures, StudioCanal, Working Title Films, Scion Films

Release Date Nov 11, 2005

Duration 2 h 9 m

Rating PG

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Tagline This holiday season, experience the greatest love story of all time.

London Critics Circle Film Awards

• 2 Wins & 8 Nominations