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70 episodes later and I'm still wishing that there was more of this story đồ sộ watch. Story of Yanxi Palace is rightfully the most popular C-Drama of 2018. Millions and millions of views, people talking about it on over (in China). It was quick witted and funny. It was dramatic and emotional. It had loveable characters. It had cunning villains. It had romantic relationships. It had strong friendships. It had the bonds of family.

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The synopsis of this drama honestly seems fairly bland - a young slave girl enters the palace and soon moves her way up the ranks of the inner harem đồ sộ become the most powerful woman. It's a story that's been done and told before. There is the little twist of the young girl seeking revenge for the death of her sister, but overall it just doesn't seem lượt thích anything that out of the box or extraordinary. Nonetheless, being an avid người yêu thích of Chinese imperial dramas, I took on this 70 episode beast, and I'm ví glad I did.

The story itself is honestly nothing very new. Inner harem fighting for the emperor's affections, trying đồ sộ get their child đồ sộ be favored in order đồ sộ become the new emperor, etc. But the pacing of this drama was very well done and it really is the characters that bring this story đồ sộ life.

Beginning with the main female lead - Wei Ying Luo. I'll definitely admit/agree that if this was more true đồ sộ reality, she would've died a long time ago. The amount of things she gets away with is ridiculous and it's all just because someone (the Queen, the queen's brother, the emperor - unknowingly) cares for her and just helps her out of situations. Putting that aside, Ying Luo's character is really what made the drama for mạ (in combination with her relationship with the other main characters). She is not just strong and loyal, but she is ridiculously cunning and quick witted. She is caring and loving, but doesn't let that get in the way of achieving her goals (which is revenge more kêu ca it is just đồ sộ win someone's affections, lượt thích these types of dramas often feature). She also has that playful side đồ sộ her (whether or not it is an act or if it's really just who she is). Other people had issues with her characterization, but honestly I think it was someone somewhat new and noteworthy.

Moving past Ying Luo's actual character, her relationships with the empress, the emperor, and with the other side characters again really made this drama different and special. There was a complete and true sense of loyalty and love between Ying Luo and the empress. They both completed something for the other person that they were lacking. Ying Luo lost her older sister and mother figure and the Empress become that for her. The Empress felt that she lost her freedom and innocence đồ sộ the rules and regulations of being the empress and Ying Luo was that figure of freedom that she needed.

Ying Luo's romantic relationships were both enjoyable đồ sộ watch as well. With Fu Heng (the empress' brother) it was a first love that was just full of understanding and wanting what was the best for the other person. With the emperor it developed from him somewhat hating her and wanting đồ sộ have her killed many times đồ sộ the playful and caring relationship (with many misunderstandings along the way of course). Particularly with the emperor, this relationship she had with him was refreshing and new. They weren't just playful with each other but really played pranks on one another and were not afraid đồ sộ express their real intentions for the most part.

The main four actors - Wu Jin Yan (Wei Ying Luo), Qin Lan (Empress), Nie Yuan (Emperor), and Charmaine Sheh (Consort Xian/Step Empress) - were all impressive and breathtaking. They all excelled at portraying their characters and bringing them all đồ sộ life. There were emotional moments, angry moments, funny moments, playful moments, etc. Honestly they were all really great with their interactions with one another and really made this drama come đồ sộ life.

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Probably because I was watching this as it aired, ví the drama never felt very long or draggy đồ sộ mạ. It flowed very well and it was always very captivating. I will admit that while watching it there were times that I felt lượt thích the events of the drama felt a bit downplayed and could have had a bigger impact (on the characters and the audience), but then I realized that this drama wasn't meant đồ sộ be this huge over dramatic production and that really worked for this drama. It was supposed đồ sộ resonate with people internally more kêu ca it just made people go "omg" while watching (though there were those moments as well). It was definitely worthwhile and will definitely be on my list đồ sộ rewatch (especially when there are english subs available because I missed out on a lot of the political talk and the idioms and whatnot).

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