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Tales from the Dark 2

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Directed byGordon Chan (Pillow)
Lawrence Ah Mon (Hide and Seek)
Teddy Robin (Black Umbrella)
Written byGordon Chan (Pillow)
Mathew Tang (Hide and Seek)
Lilian Lee (Black Umbrella)
Based onshort stories
by Lilian Lee
Produced byMathew Tang
Bill Kong
CinematographyChan Chi-ying (Pillow)
Wade Muller (Hide and Seek)
Jason Kwan (Black Umbrella)
Edited byChan Ki-hop (Pillow)
Lawrence Ah Mon (Hide and Seek)
Wenders Li (Black Umbrella)
Music byKenji Kawai


Movie Addict Productions

Release date

  • 8 August 2013

Running time

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87 minutes
CountryHong Kong

Tales from the Dark 2 (李碧華鬼魅系列: 奇幻夜) is a 2013 Hong Kong portmanteau horror film directed by Gordon Chan, Lawrence Ah Mon and Teddy Robin. A sequel to tướng Tales from the Dark 1, the film is also divided into three segments based on short stories by Lilian Lee. The first part, titled Pillow (枕妖), starred Fala Chen as an insomniac woman who purchases a cursed pillow after the apparent disappearance of her boyfriend (Gordon Lam). The second part, Hide and Seek (迷藏), is about a group of youngsters who return to tướng their old primary school to tướng play hide-and-seek at night. The final part, Black Umbrella (黑傘), starred Teddy Robin as an umbrella-carrying man who encounters lowlifes as he travels along the streets of Hong Kong late at night. The film was released on 8 August 2013, about four weeks after the release of the first film.[1]



Ching-yi is a nurse who struggles with insomnia after her boyfriend Ho-hong leaves her and disappears following a quarrel between them. After buying a new pillow stuffed with aromatic herbs, she finally manages to tướng fall asleep and starts having dreams of herself having sex with Ho-hong. Over time, the more she uses the pillow, the more her health degenerates. It turns out that Ching-yi had accidentally stabbed Ho-hong in the neck and killed him during the quarrel. She had then cleaned and vacuum-sealed his body toàn thân in a bag before hiding it in the closet. The man whom Ching-yi has been having sex with in her dreams is actually an incubus-like demon in disguise as her dead boyfriend and he has been draining her "life force". One day, after receiving a mysterious tip-off, security officers force their way into the apartment and find Ching-yi in critical condition.

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Hide and Seek

A group of youngsters visit the old primary school which they graduated from. The school is about to tướng be demolished and has been completely abandoned except for the old caretaker still living there. Ignoring the caretaker's warning to tướng leave before dark, they play a variation of hide-and-seek around the campus and unknowingly attract the attention of the ghosts haunting the school. It is revealed at the kết thúc that all the youngsters had been lost to tướng the netherworld and did not survive that night.

Black Umbrella

Uncle Lam, a short elderly man carrying a đen sì umbrella, travels along the streets at night during the Ghost Festival. For each good deed he does, he carves a mark on the umbrella handle. He saves a woman from getting knocked down by a bus, alerts the police to tướng a thug beating up a man, and lectures a young robber attempting to tướng rob him and a minibus driver. Later, he encounters Jenny, a prostitute who tricks him into accompanying her to tướng her apartment after pretending to tướng sprain her foot. When he declines her services, she turns nasty and tries to tướng extort money from him. He attempts to tướng leave but she screams for help from her bodyguard, who turns out to tướng be the thug whom Lam confronted earlier. Cornered and about to tướng be attacked, Lam reveals his true identity as a demonic creature. He kills both of them and devours Jenny's innards, much to tướng the horror of those whom enter the room and witness it.


Stolen Goods
  • Fala Chen as Chow Ching-yi
  • Gordon Lam as Yun Ho-hong
  • Tony Ho as Dr Kwan
  • Joman Chiang as Mabel
  • Lam Chiu-wing as the cửa hàng owner
  • Ian Yim as a policeman
  • Crystal Black as a policewoman
Hide and Seek
  • Chan Fat-kuk as Fatty Keung
  • Sham Ka-ki as Char-siu
  • Kiki Tam as Ceci
  • Pam Cheung as Princess
  • Ronny Yuen as Tat
  • Tong Kit-leung as C Hing
  • Wong Yat-ho as Sissy
  • Jacqueline Chan as Little Bo
  • Eric Leung as Mr Lee
  • Lai Hon-chi as Uncle Chan
  • Lam Suk-ching as the principal
  • Chan Lai-ling as Fatty Keung's mother
Black Umbrella
  • Teddy Robin as Uncle Lam
  • Aliza Mo as Jenny
  • Cheung Kwok-keung as the minibus driver
  • Kelvin Kwan as the young robber
  • Vincent Wan as the thug
  • Lana Wong as the woman in red
  • Yick Tin-hung as Keung


On Film Business Asia, Derek Elley gave it a 5 out of 10 and said that "two strong stories bookend a weak central one."[1] On The Hollywood Reporter, Clarence Tsui said the "three half-hour horror shorts attain uneven levels of scary moments, with Lawrence Lau’s old-school shock-and-awe approach coming out tops."[2]

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