the government does not know

Do YOU ever feel lượt thích you’re being kept in the dark? Ever get the feeling that the government is lying to tát you?

What the government doesn’t want you to tát know?

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Don’t get us wrong, we respect the Government and we know that they’d never lie to tát us, except when they actually DO LIE to tát us, but of course – everything is done for society’s best interests, right?

The truth is there are many things that the Big Brother strives to tát keep secret, things that would bring a lot of attention on the ruling classes if everyone found out about them.

Noam Chomsky once said: “People, in general, don’t know what is happening and they are not even aware that they don’t know.”

That’s why we would lượt thích to tát share with you 10 things the government doesn’t want you to tát know:

1. The police are not legally obligated to tát protect you

Most of the crowd is blinded by the propaganda and ignorantly assume that the sworn duty of the police is to tát really serve us and protect us.

Keep in mind that, they’ll be never there for you. They stand their ground and fight people in the name of the government. As long they’re obligated to tát serve the “Their Highness” and their interests while trying to tát make a living from it, don’t expect a human approach.

Power tends to tát corrupt, and that especially applies to tát the police. Because they are specially trained to tát be oppressive, extorting and violent enforcers of the current political propaganda.

2. It’s almost impossible to tát pay off the national debt

The reason behind it is because state money is created out of debt in a one-to-one increase in public debt. The national debt is $20 Trillion, and that roughly means 234 Americans would have to tát pay approximately  $62,000 each to tát pay it off. This includes everyone, even poor people, babies, homeless people.

As former Governor of the Federal Reserve Board Marriner Eccles said, “If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.”

3. There is no underlying thing backing money (it’s all an illusion)

If every person in the world required a physical representation of the amount of money they own, there wouldn’t be enough money that exists to tát represent the figures.

Money used to tát be backed by a gold standard – the government had $100 worth of gold from which they made a $100 bill which went out into the market. However, since they moved away from gold, society needs to tát take government’s word that the note is indeed worth $100.

There are also people who claim that it’s mathematically impossible to tát pay off the debt. Still, almost every country is in debt to tát every other country. It’s insane.

4. How to tát live off the grid

I’m sure you knew this by now, but they don’t want you to tát know how to tát live independently. The more farming you bởi, the less you need to tát pay someone for food. The more they rise from your codependency the more they profit the hell out of it.

Once you learn how to tát “live off the grid” and on your own trương mục, you can’t be controlled by them. And you’re no good for them. Because the blinder the sheep that are following them are, the more indestructible the government becomes.

5. Planned obsolescence

Don’t even get mạ started on this. When we talk about the government making money off of you, the first thing that pops into my mind is planned obsolescence. You know how your iPhone charger keeps getting damaged and for some reason, this is happening every 3 or 4 months?

Planned obsolesce is the policy od designing a product with an artificially limited useful life (expiration date), ví it will become obsolete after a certain period of time. Ah, the noble art of consumerism.

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Because greedy companies just know that you’ll bend over backward and come running to tát them whenever you need “the fix”.

6. Civil asset forfeiture

As if the things I already stated are not enough. Despite the police brutality and overreach of power(corrupted), these same police officials are manipulating the defective federal and civil asset forfeiture laws in a way that it gives them permission to tát keep, seize or sell any property that is allegedly involved in a crime.

The key word being ALLEGEDLY. For the love of God people, I’m asking you this, whatever happened to tát the good old “admissible evidence”?

7. The US imprisons more of its population phàn nàn any other country (and profits from it)

We are led to tát believe that we live in the “land of the free”, yet the statistics show us otherwise.

The total prison population over the last 300 years have grown by 500%. The United States alone has less phàn nàn 5 percent of the world population, yet we somehow manage to tát have almost đôi mươi percent of the world’s prison population.

This story sadly ends with the fact that big corporations are profiting from the prison system in the way that prison doesn’t help rehabilitate the inmates, but rather it is using them for more profitable causes.

8. Forced taxation is theft

If your country is forcing you to tát pay your taxes, don’t lie to tát yourself that you live in a miễn phí country. And if your country threatens you with violence and prison if you fail to tát pay their debt, it’s a clear case of extortion.

And since all of this is done by an authoritarian government, we clearly live in the nest of plain tyranny.

Simple as that.

9. You’re not “allowed” to tát be stateless, but you can be

You should know that the minute you were born, you became the property of the state and your social security number might as well be considered as your own barcode.

Same as living off the grid, they don’t want you to tát know that you can actually be stateless because that way the corrupt nation-states in the world would have less power over you.

As Nietzsche famously said, “State is the name of the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies; and this lie slips from its mouth: ‘I, the state, am the people.”

10. We exist in an oligarchic plutocracy disguised as a democratic republic

If we were really a part of a horizontal democracy, we would be able to tát lập cập miễn phí. No masters, no thrones, no rules and no chance for power to tát be concentrated into the greedy hands of the ruling classes.

However, instead of freedom, we live in an era where “money makes the world go round”. And the last time I checked money was equal to tát power. Since power tends to tát corrupt and easily break all hell loose, people have the right to tát demand transparency at any cost.

But, as a result of an easily manipulated and militarized police force, people are not miễn phí to tát bởi that. So, here we are slipping and sliding directly into an autocratic society.

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