the miracle of teddy bear

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"The Miracle of Teddy Bear"
A xinh tươi fantasy meets mystery meets drama wrapped in a BL with a sense of realism.

Ironic right? How a fantasy can have a degree of realism. I just have one thing to lớn say, you need to lớn watch for you to lớn understand. * wink*

First of all, I would lượt thích to lớn put it out here that this is a real lakorn. An hour and a half per episode. with 16 episodes! Slow-paced focusing in each character's emotion and facial expressoin. That's already a day if you have plans to lớn binge watch this. But don't get turn off by that, for someone who has a short attention span lượt thích bầm, the very first episode doesn't feel that it is that long. But I have to lớn admit, there is twice while I was watching it that I have to lớn kiểm tra how many minutes left in the episode. You know what? It is just too good to lớn drop in the middle and pick it up on a different day. The very first episode is where you get the settings, the characters, and a feel where the story already with depth. This kind of approach is kinda rare for a Thai BL as it slowly builds up either the character or the story. This one, it is already served in one plate. Expect the succeeding episodes, the drama side weighs more kêu ca the sweeet, tender, xinh tươi moment as the myrtery, or mysteries, builds up more.

If you have the chance to lớn watch the OG "Love of Siam", the same formula was used here. BL story endtangled with a family drama. This as a lakorn, a lot of family drama that is somehow seamlessly integrated with the BL side. And just you thought that everything starts and ends with the family drama, corporate greed is also on a head-on collision against the family and the BL story is smacked in the middle.

But WAIT! Just when you think that everything is going well, a splash of reality will be a rude awakening. This is very rare for BL-themed series as almost all are detached from reality. Don't get bầm wrong about that, it is good to lớn have a feel good series to lớn watch, but this series also shows how Thailand gone far when it comes to lớn the LGBTQIA+ community being shunned, to lớn telorated, and now accepted.

In the preview, it was shown that the Teddy Bear becomes a human, no spoiler about that, or what is written inthe synopsis. Right of the bat your question will be "WHY?". Before getting the answer to lớn that, you will be entangled with a mystery upon another mystery. The first one is Nut's past, and the next is his mother. Being a blood-related, it is not hard to lớn assume that it is all one the same, but could it be that they are independent and shared a part not intertwined?

The next next of mystery is that of Tofu's face and what is the history of the owner with the main lead. How is this connected to lớn the "WHY?" of the miracle? Also, why Tofu's personality resemble someone in Nut's past, the protective, caring one. Or is it something more kêu ca resemblance?

If you are keen enough, you will notice that when a person suffers from emotion-pyschological trauma, it induces: anger, mental breakdown that needs medical attention, and revenge by pulling others down. Those 3 results are manifested each of the characters here.

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A BL lượt thích no other when it comes into complexities of a story, or should I say stories that seemingly independent at first but later you will realize that those are indeed inter-dependent. Started with one family, then branches out to lớn the next, and the third. Three family unit, well you can make it four if you are going to lớn bring in Nut's friend however it is just for a tư vấn to lớn one of the families involved, the drama between the three will be heart of the story. Smack right in the middle is Peeranut or Nut.

And this is riddled with mental health issues.

FOR THE ACTING, Tofu the actor behind is In Pintar. His character is pretty simple and straightforward, lượt thích a child getting to lớn know the bigger world. Naive, innocent and these two attributes was well delivered by In.

The more complex character is Nut, played by JobThuchapon, he has layers upon layers that you need to lớn peel as the series progress. Do not take his entire character if you just watch several of his scenes. He is more kêu ca those. And his temper plus other issue, try to lớn walk in his shoes and if it hurts then you know what Peeranut is going through.

Na, mother of Nut, which role is given to lớn Um Apasiri is the perfect mother image. If you will discount her role in "Bad Benius" becuase that is turn around to lớn what you are used to lớn watching her.

If you are watching BL for ví long a common face is Song, played by Tee Thanapon that played Beam in the very first 2 Moon. And I must say, his acting had improve in ví manly levels and areas.

To be honest, I know nothing about First Parada ví I tự not have is character Gen to lớn compare with. However, the character is a great tư vấn for Gen that spank the lead into reality when needed.

Also as supports are the more adult actors lượt thích Jome that appeared in "Happy Birthday", "Lovely Writer" & recently "Something in My Room" & Kradum as Type's father in "TharnType", definitely proven in the industry you can be assured that they will play their respective roles wonderfully.

THE SONG, is perhaps lượt thích any other songs in a BL series. It is flexible enough for you to lớn feel pain if the scene is heartbreaking, and giddy if the moment is sweet, xinh tươi and fluffy.

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This series will surprise you on how good this is from production to lớn acting to lớn story. Unfortunately this is aired in Channel 3 which is a mainstream truyền thông media of Thailand and on Netflix, if your trương mục is geo-locked in Asia or South East Asia.

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