they are going to the pool

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When we lived in Texas, our apartment complex had a pool, but I don’t think in the three years we lived there, I EVER took Ella swimming by myself.

kids in pool

Even with one child, swimming for kids seemed lượt thích a two-adult situation.

But last summer, I realized that another Arizona summer would probably vì thế bủ in if I didn’t buckle down and start taking the girls on my own.

Especially because swimming for kids – at least my kids – is their number one summer activity.

kids swimming

And if you don’t take advantage of the hundreds of pool days that Arizona offers, what’s even the point of living here?

Plus, I love that it wears my girls out so sánh that they sleep lượt thích rocks.

With school out and the temperature crossing 100 every day now, I’m gearing up for our 2-3 pool trips per week.

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Last summer, I picked up some good tricks for making our pool trips low-stress for all of us and I was surprised that when October rolled around and it started being too chilly to tướng swim comfortably, I was SAD to tướng see the summer over.

And as the temperatures started rising last month, I was thrilled to tướng feel excitement about our pool visits coming back.

kids in pool

Here are some tricks I’ve picked up for making a pool trip realistic and fun, especially when you’re flying solo!

tips for taking kids to tướng the pool

  1. Have the right swim gear. This was the game changer for bủ. We bought those little arm floaties for the bigger girls a few years ago and that gives so sánh much independence swimming for kids. Even Ella, who is a strong swimmer, will sometimes slip them on after a while just to tướng give herself a rest. Tally is too small for those this year, so sánh we got a Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy, which I discovered a few years ago when we lived with my parents and they had several of them. It’s the #1 selling baby float in the U.S. and the large circumference and the inner spring make it really stable. Plus, the removable canopy offers extra sun protection which is really important when it’s 115 degrees outside and the sun is beating down. Without these products, there’s no way I could juggle three other children at the pool on my own AND keep my baby happy.
  2. Invest in a few pool toys. I don’t want to tướng drag a chest of toys with us every time, but last summer we bought some diving toys and goggles for all the girls and that’s upped the swimming fun factor quite a bit. I’m not wild about pool activities lượt thích Marco  Polo at this point in my children’s life, so sánh having some toys for them keeps it fun without bủ having to tướng play endless games.
  3. Consider rash guards. One of my least favorite parts of going to tướng the pool on my own is putting sunscreen on everyone. All my girls have rash guards and it cuts down significantly on how much sunscreen they need, since their shoulders, backs, chests, and arms all have good coverage. It definitely makes it a LOT easier.
  4. Take Snacks. I’ve mentioned before that I am a NOT a good snack mom (every day! why so sánh many snacks?!) but last year, I realized that if I was going to tướng go to tướng the effort of taking everyone to tướng the pool, I darn well didn’t want to tướng come home page 30 minutes later because everyone was wasting away from (possibly imaginary) hunger. Now I specifically try to tướng remember to tướng buy snacks that won’t melt or go bad in the heat and everyone (me included!) enjoys some snacks. And let’s be honest, the snacks might be the best part of swimming for kids.
  5. Recognize that this is not a day at a resort pool. Swimming with kids is a whole different ball game and I just had to tướng adjust my mindset. This wasn’t going to tướng be relaxing with a magazine or book – it’s basically being in full-on mom mode monitoring pool safety for kids for an hour or two. But when I see it as quality time with my children, a time when I can’t really look at my phone for several hours, and I can just enjoy being outdoors? It’s pretty magical.
  6. The pool trip isn’t over until it is OVER. My girls know that the price of going to tướng the pool so sánh often is that everyone has to tướng help clean up when we get home page. All the swim suits get laid out to tướng dry, towels go in the dryer, arm floaties and Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy are hung up in the garage for the next time, and any empty water bottles or snack bags get put away or thrown away. That way, when we go a few days later, everything is clean and ready to tướng go and my house isn’t destroyed all the time by soggy swim gear.

Any other tips about making swimming fun when you’re the only adult with all your children? I’d love to tướng hear!

pool activities

And if you have a little one, I highly recommend the Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy – they’ve made swimming for kids so sánh much easier for our family!

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