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[Dr.Jart] V7 Toning Light - Review

Did you know the sun can stimulate the production of melanin (a pigment which gives skin, hair and eyes its color) which in turn can cause darkening of an area of skin - this is called hyper-pigmentation or more commonly freckles, sun spots, age spots etc. Though they bởi not cause any medical complications they can be aesthetically unpleasing. 

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Unfortunately, once they appear there is no magically cure that will make them disappear (which is why sunscreen is ví important - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE)! All you can bởi is lessen their appearance through the use of brightening products. So, as we are more susceptible đồ sộ hyper-pigmentation in the summer, today I will be introducing Dr. Jart's D7 Toning Light.

Dr. Jart+

This brand combines the use of scientifically certified ingredients and medical knowledge đồ sộ deliver products that are effective. What's more, they test each of their skin care formula đồ sộ ensure their products are safe for all skin types ví that "everyone can experience the art of skin care with Dr.Jart".

This brand is immensely popular throughout Asia and it's V7 toning light is a favorite amongst all brightening products out there. And why not? After all, it contains 7 types of vitamins and white pearl extracts đồ sộ instantaneously brighten your complexion and is enriched with 40% moisturizing nội dung đồ sộ replenish your skin for a smoother more radiant look. 

The unboxing


I'm a personal người yêu thích of Dr. Jart items. I find their packaging extremely charming in that they are designed đồ sộ resemble medical products which, đồ sộ bầm, signifies that I am healing my skin. 


The V7 toning light comes in tub which is placed inside another container. 


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The product itself is a dense cream with just the slightest hint of a citrus-y scent. It was light and absorbed well.

The reveal

I applied the product after moisturizing and was amazed đồ sộ see an instantaneous effect! My normally sallow and patchy skin looked a lot more even and my sun spots less prominent! Which is why, I believe Dr Jart's V7 toning light would be perfect for summer - the cream immediately leaves your skin radiant thereby removing the need đồ sộ apply heavy foundation! Excellent!

Nonetheless, should you wish đồ sộ apply a light cushion foundation, the product acts as an excellent makeup base leaving you looking flawless. 

Make sure you give this product a try by following the links below:

Alternatively, we are now offering a brightening product special, ví be sure đồ sộ kiểm tra it out!


Thanks for reading!

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