when you sit for the exam tomorrow try to stay calm and relaxed

Visualization It is the day before the bar exam begins. You have been working hard and studying a lot The last thing you want to tát vì thế is enter panic mode and not be able to tát sleep the day before the bar exam!

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The good news is, if you spend a few minutes making a conscious effort to tát relax, you can conquer any panic attacks or sleepless nights well ahead of time.

We recommend that you try some of the below exercises. Some may help you a lot ; others may not help you at all. However, these are six strategies that have helped many of our students in the past. Choose the ones that work best for you. They will help you calm your nerves and feel better before the bar exam begins tomorrow!

Six Mental Health Exercises
for the Day Before the Bar Exam:

  • Visualization: Visualize the bar exam going well. Try to tát visualize yourself being on time, having perfect recall of the law, and doing well. Visualize yourself staying calm and relaxed. Try to tát envision the testing site in as much detail as possible when you practice this exercise. Visualization is a great tool to tát mentally prepare yourself for the bar exam.
  • Write your thoughts down. If you get really anxious, write down what you are worried about. Sometimes just naming and identifying a fear can help you face it head on. That way, your fear is not some ominous thing hovering around the back of your mind. Instead it is nailed down to tát paper, identified, and easier to tát tackle head-on. .
  • Ask yourself “What is the worst that can happen?” So you fail. Then you take it again along with a lot of other students who vì thế not pass the bar exam on their first try. It really is not the kết thúc of the world. We also recommend you read this Note to tát those who fail the bar exam right now just because it will help you see that it is not the worst thing in the world.
  • Talk to tát someone who is not taking the bar exam. Call an understanding family thành viên or friend who will let you vent, identify with how you’re feeling, and also keep you grounded. Choose who you gọi carefully! You vì thế not want to tát gọi someone who won’t listen, who will stress you out (by telling you that you should be anxious!) or who will make your situation worse. Call a trusted friend or family thành viên who will provide the tư vấn you need.
  • Envision what you’ll vì thế when the exam is over. Have a nice vacation planned? Or a nice dinner ahead of you? Taking a break from ruminating over the test and thinking about fun plans will help you keep the bar exam in perspective.
  • If you must review, review intelligently! If you are the type to tát review the day before the bar exam, that is okay, but review intelligently. By that we mean –  don’t vì thế practice exams! Don’t vì thế any “new” problems. Instead, just review what you have already looked at or questions you have already gone over. Better yet, don’t review at all and take the day off!! You have earned it!
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