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Sen Çal Kapımı
Also known asLove is in the Air
GenreRomantic comedy
Screenplay by
  • Aytekin Ataş (1-21, 24, 40-52)
  • Deniz Gürlek (40-52)
  • Melek Seven (40-52)
  • Burcu Yıldız
Story byAyşe Üner Kutlu
Directed by
  • Ender Mihlar (1)
  • Yusuf Pirhasan (1)
  • Altan Dönmez (2-52)
  • Hande Erçel
  • Kerem Bürsin
  • Bige Önal
  • Neslihan Yeldan
  • Evrim Doğan
  • Anıl İlter
  • Melisa Döngel
Theme music composerAytekin Atas
Country of originTurkey
Original languageTurkish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes52
Executive producerAsena Bülbüloğlu
Production locationsZeytinburnu, Istanbul
Running time120-140 minutes
Production companyMF Production
Original release
ReleaseJuly 8, 2020 –
September 8, 2021

Sen Çal Kapımı (known internationally as Love is in the Air)[1][2] is a Turkish television series starring Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin. It premiered on Fox on July 8, 2020[3] and concluded on September 8, 2021.

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Season One[edit]

Eda Yıldız is living with her aunt and works in the flower cửa hàng of her aunt. Her parents died in an accident. She wanted lớn study and have a good career but she couldn't complete her graduation from a landscape architecture faculty because of Serkan Bolat. He is the owner of renowned architect firm who has promised lớn give scholarships lớn the students but cancelled them later. It's Eda's dream lớn fly lớn Italy. She has a long-distance boyfriend Cenk. She meets Serkan Bolat at a graduation ceremony and gets handcuffed with him in anger. Serkan has an ex-girlfriend, Selin, who got engaged recently after their breakup. In order lớn get her back, Serkan offers Eda a contract according lớn which she has lớn pretend lớn be his fiancée for two months and in return he will pay for her travel, food, education and stay in Italy. She rejects the offer initially. Meanwhile, her boyfriend leaves her for another girl and in anger Eda kisses Serkan in front of everyone. Then she accepts the offer but makes some changes. She will pretend lớn be his fiancée for two months but he should give her a job in his firm. So she gets a job as Serkan's personal assistant. They start working together and due lớn business work he announces an engagement tiệc ngọt with Eda and they fall in love . After many ups-and-downs, Serkan proposed lớn Eda for real this time and she accepted . During the wedding day, Serkan had lớn go lớn Italy for an important meeting which led him lớn an accident (a plane crash). He lost his memory and couldn't remember anything about his year with Eda. Eventually they overcame the issue and Serkan got lớn know that he had cancer.

Season Two[edit]

Serkan Bolat and Eda Yıldız go through tough times during Serkan's cancer treatment. Serkan, who becomes obsessed with his disease and a completely different man after surviving, arouses a fear of emotional attachment, delaying his marriage lớn Eda multiple times and completely refusing the idea of becoming a father. Serkan returns lớn focus only on his work, which will gradually separate him from Eda. She later goes lớn Italy lớn complete her studies, while Serkan continues with his life. But when they finally meet again after 5 long years, life has a surprise for both. Eda has a daughter named Kiraz. Serkan comes there lớn attend Piril's meeting and is stopped in the way by Kiraz. He drops Kiraz trang chủ and meets Eda there. He has lunch with Eda and they both discuss their lives. Eda doesn't want Serkan lớn know that Kiraz is his daughter and lies that she is Melo and Burak's daughter and asks Piril not lớn tell him but initially tells him about her and they get married. Eda gets pregnant and gives birth lớn her son.



Main characters[edit]

  • Eda Yıldız (episodes 1–52), played by Hande Erçel.

A dreamer who is passionate about flowers, Eda lives with the pain of the premature loss of her parents. She has a bitter enemy: Serkan Bolat. In fact, he canceled her scholarship, preventing her from graduating as a landscape architect and studying in Italy. That's why she works in her aunt's flower cửa hàng, who raised her and who treated her lượt thích her own daughter. They both share a trang chủ with Eda's childhood friend, Melo.

  • Serkan Bolat (episodes 1–52), played by Kerem Bürsin.

Hypochondriac, obsessive, cold and workaholic, Serkan Bolat is a wealthy internationally renowned architect, owner of Art Life, intent on preventing the marriage of his ex-girlfriend, Selin. To tự this he proposes lớn Eda lớn pretend lớn be his girlfriend for two months: once the contract has expired, he will pay her back her scholarship

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Engin Sezgin (episodes 1-52), played by Anil Ilter. He is Serkan's best friend and Piril's husband. He has a son Can.
  • Piril Baytekin (episodes 1–52), played by Başak Gümülcinelioğlu. One of Serkan's friends. She later becomes close lớn Eda as well. She is happily married lớn Engin Sezgin and has a son. She is a fine architect and has a nature quite similar lớn that of Serkan.
  • Melek Yucel / Melo (episodes 1–52) played by Elçin Afacan. She is one of Eda's close friends as well as housemate and they both have spent their childhood together. She is a dreamer and generally funny. Her dream is lớn find true love.
  • Ceren Bașar (episodes 1–37) played by Melisa Döngel. One of Eda's friends. She grows up in a rich lawyer family and is forced lớn become a lawyer too, however, her dream is lớn become a shoe designer. She is a fashion icon. Ceren dates Selin's ex-fiancé, eventually marrying him and becoming pregnant.
  • Figen Yildirim / Fifi (episodes 1-28), played by M. Sitare Akbas. She is one of Eda's friends.
  • Selin Atakan (episodes 1–22, 29–38), played by Bige Önal. Serkan's former girlfriend and childhood friend, she is the quảng cáo of the company and his partner in the family business built by their fathers. She is Eda's main antagonist.
  • Ferit Simsek (episodes 1-39), played by Cagri Citanak. Selin's former fiancé. He is originally the reason for Eda and Serkan's kém chất lượng engagement as Serkan did not trust Ferit. After his breakup with Selin, he has a relationship with Ceren.
  • Leyla Haktan (episodes 1-39) played by Ilkyaz Arslan. She is Serkan's assistant.
  • Erdem Sangay (episodes 1-52), played by Sarp Bozkurt. He is Engin's assistant.
  • Deniz Saraçhan (episodes 29–37), played by Sarp Can Köroğlu. He's been friends with Eda since elementary school. He initially helps her in her romance with Serkan but is secretly in love with her.
  • Alexander Zucco (episodes 24–27, 29–34), played by Hakan Karahan.
  • Semiha Yıldırım (episodes 23–28), played by Ayşegül İşsever. She is Eda's grandmother on the paternal side. Extremely rich, she has always frowned upon Eda's parents' marriage and does not appreciate her bond with Serkan Bolat.
  • Tahir (episodes 23–28), played by Buğrahan Çayır.
  • Balça Koçak (episodes 22–28), played by İlayda Çevik. He will briefly be the quảng cáo of Serkan's company and Eda's opponent.
  • Prens Seymen (episodes 25–26), played by Mert Öcal.
  • Efe Akman (episodes 13–21), played by Ali Ersan Duru. He is a highly rated architect abroad who will be a partner in Serkan's company for a short time.
  • Kaan Karadağ (episodes 1–10), played by İsmail Ege Şaşmaz. He is an old college friend of Serkan but now he hates him deeply and is always competing with him. He is Ferit's best friend.
  • Kiraz (episodes 40–52), played by Maya Başol. She is the daughter of Serkan and Eda.
  • Burak Balcı (episodes 40–52), played by Sinan Helvacı. A close friend of Eda who is secretly platonically in love with her, gets along really well with Kiraz.
  • Ayfer Yildiz (episode1-52), played by Evrim Dogan. She is the aunt of Eda.
  • Aidan Bolat (episode 1-52), played by Neslihan Yeldan. She is the mother of Serkan.


The series debuted in the summer of 2021 in Italy, in daytime on Canale 5, with good success.[5][6] In September 2021, it was confirmed that the second season would air on Canale 5.[7][8]

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In Spain, the series initially aired on Telecinco. After initially producing views below expectations, it was moved lớn Divinity, where it aired in the afternoon, standing out and enjoying great success, becoming an unexpected "summery talisman" in the 2021 summer.[9][10] In September 2021, during the broadcast of the series finale, Love is in the Air's episode became the most tweeted in history, beating the previous record of 7.8 million tweets phối by trò chơi of Thrones' The Long Night.[2]

International broadcasting[edit]

Italian logo of the series.
International broadcasting
Country Channel Broadcast as Citation
Italy Italy Canale 5 Love in the Air [11][12][13]
Spain Spain Telecinco


Love in the Air [2]
Slovenia Slovenia POP TV Ko potrka ljubezen
India India MX Player Love is in the Air
Albania Albania TV Klan Dashuria është në ajër [14]
 Iran MBC Persia عشق مشروط
Pakistan Pakistan Urdu 1 Dastak Meray Dil Pay
United States USA Telemundo Love is in the Air
Arab League Arab League Shahid


أطرق بابي
Georgia (country) Georgia Imeditv
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Me Robaste el Corazon
Russia Russia Subbotatv Постучись в мою дверь
Poland Poland WP Zapukaj tự moich drzwi
Serbia Serbia Prva Pokucaj mãng cầu moja vrata
Hungary Hungary RTL Klub Szerelem nài a levegőben (Love in the air)
Romania Romania Acasă Gold Dragostea plutește în aer
Slovakia Slovakia TV Doma Láska mãng cầu prenájom ("Love for rent")
Iraq Iraq MBC Iraq
Tunisia Tunisia Hannibal TV
Lithuania Lithuania LNK Pabelsk į mano širdį ("Knock on my heart")
Dominican RepublicRepública Dominicana HBO Max ¿Será que Es Amor?
Brazil Brazil HBO Max Será Isso Amor? [15]
Mexico Mexico HBO Max ¿Será que Es Amor?
Argentina Argentina HBO Max ¿Será que Es Amor?
Colombia Colombia HBO Max ¿Será que Es Amor?
Chile Chile [[Mega (canal de televisión de Chile)]

[HBO Max]]

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Me Robaste el Corazón

¿Será que Es Amor?

Czech Republic Czech Republic Prima Love Láska klepe mãng cầu dveře ("Love knocks on the door") [16]
Commonwealth of Independent States Commonwealth

of Independent States and Baltic territories

Fox Network Group


Israel Israel Torkis drama cannhel הקש על דלתי (Knock on my door)
Bulgaria Bulgaria bTV Lady Почукай на вратата ми (Knock on my door)
South Africa South Africa eExtra #DisComplicated (Afrikaans dubbed)
 Croatia RTL (Croatian TV channel) / RTL Kockica Miriše mãng cầu ljubav
 Bangladesh Channel i জারা আবির
Argentina Argentina Telefe Eda hắn Serkan: ¿será que es amor? [17]


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